Ivan Ooze talks touring with Wu-Tang, new mixtape and collaboration with Ghostface Killah

Ivan Ooze has recently blown up within the Australian Hip Hop scene and now looks set to become bigger than ever after touring with Wu-Tang whilst they were in Australia. 

First off, would you rather eat shit that tasted like chocolate, or eat chocolate that tasted like shit?

Chocolate that tasted like shit. I’m not eating shit man haha

You have been one of the fastest growing hip-hop artists in Australia in the past 12 months, since the release of “The Social Alien Mixtape”. Do you put this down to anything specific that you have done differently to other up and coming artists? 

I guess I interact a lot more with fans than other artists do and I always try to reply to everyone who inboxes me and sign all of my merch and I think that they appreciate that. 

What you are doing is working, because recently you opened for Wu-Tang Clan on a string of Australian shows. What was it like opening for Wu-Tang? How was it meeting them all, did they give you any words of advice?

It was insane man! I didn’t think I’d have much interaction with them but we did everything together (e.g. Dinners, shopping, etc.). The Wu tang crowds were unreal! Even though we we played just before them, they still showed a heap of support and gave heaps back so all the shows were dope. Raekwon gave us some praise after the final Wu tang show and said “not many people can come before us and do what you boys did each show and I respect what you are doing out there. If you keep doing what you are doing, you’re gonna make it out here man and to that we are gonna toast.” and poured us all Hennessy while all the rest of the clan came up to us and said we did a dope job. My hype man said he almost cried so it was a pretty overwhelming moment haha.

I understand you were in the studio with Ghostface Killah while he was in the country. How did you hook that up? What can we expect to come from that studio session? 

I was. I took Ghost shopping during the day cause he wanted to get some ugg boots for family back home. He said he wanted to jump on some tracks while he was over in Aus and I told him I had a track so we went to the studio, he listened to it, liked it, then wrote a verse. The track should be out later this year.

Awesome, man. You have just released a new mixtape titled “’93 KFC Rotisserie GOLD”. What is the reasoning behind the title?

In 1993, KFC was the first fast food franchise to advertise a rotisserie chicken on national television. The chicken was known to be packed with flavour though relatively new to people but slowly became a family favourite. I feel like my career so far shares many similarities to kfc’s rotisserie chicken and that’s the reason behind the name.

Wow, thats much deeper than I thought it would be. How has the response to the mixtape been so far? 

Really great. All positive from the fans end and that’s all I really care about anyway.

a1 ivan ooze.jpg
’93 KFC Rotisserie GOLD: Ivan Ooze’s newest mixtape

Can you explain who “Unicorn Tracey” is?

Unicorn Tracy is an American wannabe white gangster with a bad attitude and I can’t say much else because he will see this. I’ve said too much already.

Who do you think is the next Hip Hop artist to blow up in Australia?

Shadez Daddie.

You’re renowned for being an amazing live act and you are going on a headline tour soon. Where can we find the dates and get tickets for that?

Dates and tickets at www.ivanooze.com.au! Thanks for the chat, man. 

Download Ivan Ooze’s newest mixtape – https://ivanuzi.bandcamp.com

Find Off The Clef on Facebook – WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/OTCHIPHOP

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