REVIEW: Logic – Bobby Tarantino

Logic just dropped a ‘turn-up’ album out of nowhere titled Bobby Tarantino. Logic, who topped the charts in 2015 with his conceptual masterpiece The Incredible True Story, has come out with a surprise album that is bar-heavy, flex-heavy and as sharp as ever.

Despite the change up in style, Logic assures his fans – in the introduction to the album illuminatro – that although this is a fun, ‘turn-up’ album, the next project will be another conceptual project.Flexicution was the first single released from this project and sets the tone for what is to follow perfectly. Logic flex’s his lyrical prowess – demanding that nobody underrate him – over a banger produced by his right hand man 6ix. A strong start to the album and one of the more impressive songs on the project, Flexicution is easily the most radio friendly hit that logic has on Bobby Tarantino. Although a banger, Logic stays true to his own persona on the track, something that many artists writing hits can have trouble with.

On track four, Slave II, Logic comes with some of the strongest bars of his career while sampling the hook of Bryson Tillers “Rambo”. Logic reiterates illuminatro’s description of the album, describing what Bobby Tarantino is, and what is to come, “This shit right here for the party, that album that comin’, that’s shit for the spirit”. Logic vents his anger on how he slaves for rap yet, despite his last album selling over 135,000 units in the first week, he still finds himself being ignored or treated as less than other artists. With undeniably one of his wittiest and realest lines on the record Logic says that he is “Angrier than Kanye, angrier than Kanye when he talkin’ about clothes, that’s a fashion line”.

By the time the album hits the midway point we get the best of both worlds from Logic, creating a hard hitting banger with Pusha T, titled Wrist. Wrist has Logic telling the story of an old Columbian drug lord reflecting on his life and the decisions he has made as a criminal. As he begins to have a change of heart, he and his wife are shot down and killed during a military raid of his compound. Pusha T enters the second verse telling the story of a young American man cooking – and selling – crack cocaine as a direct result of the cocaine that the drug lord has distributed. “The flick of the wrist” described in the hook, stands for flicking the wrist whilst cooking crack and the flick of Logic’s wrist while writing this story. Pusha T is the only major feature on Bobby Tarantino and fits in with ease, owning the character he portrays with a gritty and lyrically dense verse that is a standout on the album.

Bobby Tarantino is a refreshing 32 minutes long, with 11 tracks, including 3 interludes sprinkled throughout the album. Although Logic intended on this album to be an album to have fun with, songs such as 44 bars and Deeper Than Money focus on Logics life and his views on money and happiness with soulful samples and funky baselines. Deeper Than Money’s flows and melodies are very reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar, only missing the common voice inflections used by Kendrick. Logic misses the mark with this track however, in what was a slightly disappointing finish to an excellent album with some incredible songs and concepts.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed listening through the entirety of Bobby Tarantino, with heavy drums and world class lyricism each consistently shining throughout the album.

Logic – Bobby Tarantino: Turn Up/10 

Favourite Song: Wrist (ft. Pusha T)


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