Ryland Rose talks new music, name change and Patreon

Ryland Rose is a Melbourne rapper currently making waves around the country with his euphonic melodies and tonal raps. Incorporating internationally influenced elements without changing his natural style has catapulted Ryland Rose to the top of the bunch when it comes to the conversation of “who’s next”. 

After many years of grinding hard for adequate recognition, Ryland Rose released his Ivory Coast EP in 2015 and received an overwhelming reception. However, his career did not quite take off as many would have expected off the back of such an impressive EP. Now with a new name and new music on the way, 2016 could be the year that Ryland Rose gets the exposure that is long overdue. 

Yo, Ryland Rose! You recently changed your artist name to Ryland Rose after being known as Ry for years. What was the reason for the name change?

There were a few reasons, I guess the reason that made me want to change was that no one could find me online easily. It was as literal as that. There were also a few other artists with the name Ry, so I wanted to seperate myself from the pack. I had been workshopping a few different names for the past 6 months and once I came across Ryland Rose I jumped at it.

Does this name change signify a new chapter in your career as such? Can we expect your music or game-plan to change? 

Definitely a new chapter. I think I needed the refresh to be honest. Being an independent musician it’s a real grind sometimes. With last years EP release Ivory Coast and then recording the new project this year, I just needed a slight revival. Musically I’ll keep heading in the same direction, I’m happy with that.

I notice you interact with your fans a lot. Why do you think it’s important to acknowledge and talk with fans? 

Again I think it goes with being a completely indie artist. My fans are my label and I like to empower them as much as I can. It’s an amazing support and feedback group.

You run a Patreon campaign in order to help fund your musical endeavours, to those that are unaware, what is Patreon?

Patreon empowers fans to financially assist your artistic creations. They donate anything between $5-$50 to me per month and in return I ‘reward’ them with different features ranging from early releases of music, videos or show tickets. The rewards differ depending how much they donate, for instance – I personally call and thank anyone who supports me for over $50 per month.

To any people who may be critical, why do you think this Patreon campaign is necessary for you?

I personally believe there are 10x more artists that are in the position I’m in right now – semi-successful, loyal fanbase – but not on the radio every day and probably unable to tour nationally as a headline. This is where Patreon is great because I still have die-hard fans and it gives them a way to properly support me in a way where 100% of the money goes to me. I truly believe this is going to be embraced by a lot of artists in the future and completely stand by it.

You have never been seen as a stereotypical “Aussie Rapper” and have always been in your own lane, has this been a conscious decision to sort of do your own thing? 

I guess it’s just that most of the music I listen to is American, so I’m influenced by that a lot more. It’s a gift and a curse because the fans I try to appeal to are massive Aus Hip Hop supporters and I don’t really know all the music they love. But the upside is that I can help push the culture even further and add my own spin to it – which I think is important.

What artists inspire the music that you make today?

I still listen to a lot of Jay Z. I think he’s just the best, and really breaking new ground considering his age. Kanye and Drake still doing it for me. I’m a total Big Sean fanboy by the way too. I’d love to see Lil’ Wayne return to some type of form for Carter V, but who knows when thats coming out. G-Eazy, Logic and Bryson Tiller have all gotten a lot of play in my iTunes too.

Ordinary Record, a single off your latest EP Ivory Coast, featured Andrew Gaze in the film clip. What was it like to work with Gazey?

He was everything we expected and more. Down to earth, easy going and hilarious. He had everyone in stitches on set.

Speaking of basketball (and for namesake), what did you think of the Bulls trading Derrick Rose? Worst deal of all time?

It was one of those moments for me where I was like ‘wow, maybe the game has become more of a business than what I’m used to’. I just thought as a general rule you don’t trade a player like that regardless. MVP, All-Star, Rookie of the Year – grew up in Chicago. He was more than a player, he was like a son to the city. I sound so dramatic right now but that’s the truth. I truly hope he does great in New York and that New Yorkers realise the high calibre champion they have now.

I agree man. You have been releasing remixes to well known songs for a few months now and they have been receiving a very positive reception. Why did you decide to do this? Will these songs be on a mixtape or future project? 

I’m a big fan of constantly releasing content and these were a great way to do that, finding a middle ground between quality and quantity. I originally did the ‘Jumpman’ cover and it just took off, so I kept going. I just shoot them in my studio so they are relatively cheap to do. I’m releasing a free mixtape any week now with all the covers plus more songs on there.

You have been teasing your upcoming EP “Almost Broke & Famous” on social media for some time now, when can we expect the release?

September/October 2016. I’m not letting it go any longer than that. Promise.

What else is to come from Ryland Rose this year? 

Expect a Mixtape, the 1st EP Single and the EP all before 2016 ends, along with covers, vlogs and more as per usual. It’s going to be a crazy 6 months for me. I can’t wait.

I can’t wait either. Thanks for the chat brother, excited to hear whats to come. 

Thanks again! Good talk!

Find Ryland Rose Online:

Listen to Ryland Rose’s new single Almost Famous & Broke below.

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