The Hip-Hop Scene In Brisbane Is Next Level

Australian Hip-Hop has developed rapidly over the last few years and Brisbane has played a huge part in that. 

The Hip-Hop scene within Brisbane, otherwise known as BNE, is home to a wide array of up-and-coming artists that continue to push boundaries for Hip-Hop in Australia.

Gill Bates and Midas.Gold are two artists making huge waves with their melodic, auto-tuned vibes, each borrowing elements from Hip-Hop in the United States. The unique style that Midas and Bates have completely owned had not been explored at all within Australia until recently.

Already having found success commercially, Gill Bates and Midas.Gold are set to take over Australia’s airwaves with their unique style in the coming years.

While Midas and Bates heavily feature hypnotic melodies, other BNE artists such as Erik Sanders and Carmouflage Rose bring crazy amounts of energy to everything they do. Sanders and Rose possess an energy and intensity in their music that is as hyped as it is enjoyable.

Five years ago it would’ve been hard to believe that this kind of music is coming out of Australia. Now, in 2016, it’s happening and it’s incredibly dope to see.

I AM D and Swilo are two Brisbane artists who have found their sound – and owned it. Both emcees find the perfect balance between flaunting their elite pen game and riding heavy trap beats, generally produced by Brisbane’s own sauce god James Angus.

I AM D is one of the most talented rappers in the country and this has been the case for years now. However, in 2016, I AM D incorporated trap beats and irregular melodies to spice up his catalogue and progress, taking his own career by the balls.

One Brisbane artist that I could not group with anyone else from the city is Tides. Tides can do it all, he can rap when he has to and he can also nail a killer melody.

With what seems to be a Drake-influenced flow, Tides has this smooth, tonal sound that matches well with any beat he chooses to bless. Whether the instrumental consists of pop, trap or electronic elements, Tides sounds comfortable on it all.

Brisbane is home to so many talented Hip-Hop artists, all as unique and talented as each other. It’s exciting to think what 2017 could bring considering how young into their careers these artists are.

With fellow BNE rappers Travy P and S-A-M also set to release music in the new year, the Brisbane scene is only going to get stronger. Look out for those releases.

For the sake of the article, I couldn’t fit every single BNE artist on this piece, although there are plenty more polished rappers in the city. Shoutout to Gallus and iiiConic among everyone else coming out of Brisbane at the moment.


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