Allday’s Pushing The Envelope In Australia

Allday has incorporated elements from numerous sub-genres of Hip-Hop to create a globally accessible and dope product, and it’s what Australian music needs. 

Allday is one of Australia’s biggest Hip-Hop exports, signing to major US record label Wind-up Records on a global record deal in 2015. However, despite his success, his music has always had a mixed reception within the Hip-Hop scene in Australia, making him one of the most polarising artists in the country.

Following the release of his debut studio album Startup Cult, Allday has released a mixtape, Soft Grunge Love Rap, to go with an abundance of new singles. With every release, Allday has unapologetically pushed boundaries and incorporated an internationally influenced sound that had previously been untouched in mainstream Australian music.

Not only does Allday possess a killer ability to nail every melody he comes up with, he can also rap his ass off, contrary to the beliefs of some.

Take the song No Better, that has Allday spitting for close to four-minutes with clean rhyme schemes and tight punchlines.

“Driving in your dad’s Jeep Cherokee, on an illegal substance
I be swerving like Kyrie Irving and Cleveland’s offence

Earlier this year, Allday released Sides, a song that combined tonal, auto-tuned verses with a trap beat and eerie female vocals courtesy of NYNE.

Allday’s music is constantly progressing, which can often be rare for an artist who has already reached a high level of success. With a mass of young talent coming out of Australia right now, Allday could be the guy to pave the way for others to make an impact overseas.

Also, if auto-tune is not your thing, that’s cool. However, in this case it’s used as an effect and not for pitch correction.

You can watch the visuals to Allday’s new song Raceway below. 

You’re mad that your girlfriend bumps Allday.




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