Why 360 Is An Underrated Emcee

Although one of Australia’s biggest rappers, polarising Hip-Hop artist 360 remains one of the countries most underrated emcees. 

Following a successful 2012 that included a 4x platinum single and an ARIA award, 360 was reaching heights that were previously untouched by a solo Hip-Hop artist in Australia. However, many fans undercut 360’s ability as a rapper due to the many pop influences in his music.


360 has never compromised his rapping in order to make a catchy song.

Still Rap is the opening track from his 2014 album Utopia, and is a pop/hip-hop fusion that has 360 playing with some extremely dope rhymes schemes and punchlines throughout the song. In the first verse, 360 flex’s some compact internal rhymes that flow so effortlessly over the instrumentation.

Towards the back-end of the first verse, 360 has a 5-syllable rhyme scheme, rhyming with “aim high, never low.” From here he rhymes these 5 syllables together, until the last bar of the scheme, where he splits the rhymes in half, so that the lyrics rhyming with “aim high” are separate from the lyrics that rhyme with “never low.”

This last bar now has internal rhymes that don’t seem out of place, along with a unique flow from the rest of the verse that finishes off the scheme with a bang, proving why 360 is one of Australia’s best lyricists.

Yo I aim high, never low
They try, getting close
If they ain’t getting with what I say I, let ’em go
Wait, hide, then explode
You see me take flight an insane height, you want it? Then come and get a dose

What is perhaps 360’s biggest strength is his punchlines. With a background as an accomplished battle rapper it’s no surprise that 60 uses punchlines so frequently, and to such great effect.

The following lyrics are from the second verse on Still Rap, and are great example of a well set-up punchline.

“My brains kinda fried gimme a sec
It’s been about 5 weeks since i been in my bed

I work I can’t recall the last minute I slept
I aint running from 5-0 but I’m resisting a rest (arrest)”

The punchline works so well for multiple reasons, and the set-up plays an important part in that. Too often, rappers use a play on words that comes with no background or set-up, meaning that sometimes not only does the punchline not make any sense, it hardly makes an impact.

360 structures these bars so that the wordplay has an immediate effect as soon as he delivers it, as opposed to him explaining it in the bars following. It may seem simple, but 360 is a master at making his punchlines have the greatest effect possible.

There are countless other songs, new and old, from 360 that are perfect examples as to why he is an underrated rapper. However, we felt that Still Rap is the ideal representation of why 360 is so versatile, with unique flows, rhyme schemes, punchlines and melodies all crammed into the near 4-minute track.

However, in case you needed another example of 360 rapping his ass off, take 2 Dogs (feat. Lunar C), that has some classic punchlines sprinkled throughout.

“Fuck around and diss the whole scene for the hell of it
Maybe if I stop fucking around imma sell a bit (celibate)” 

Keep an eye out for 360’s new album coming in 2017.



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