Australian Hip-Hop Artists Tell Us Who’s Next In 2017 (Pt. 1)

We asked a number of accomplished rappers in Australia, from 360 to B Wise, what young rappers they think will make an impact in 2017. Here are the results. 


Artist to watch in 2017: Midas.Gold

Killboy: “Definitely digging everything he’s doing. He’s been killing it for a while now but it seems like it’s been a slow burn for him as people adjusted to hearing that genre of Hip-Hop come out of Australia. Midas nails it though. He’s definitely getting the exposure he deserves right now and I’m keen to see where it leads.”


Artist to watch in 2017: Scrap

B Wise: “Someone who I think has a bright future ahead of them and will start to shine in 2017 is a young Afro Aussie artist called Scrap from Sydney’s west. Not much is known about him right now but he’s got an exciting raw energy and tone about him that with time, if he continues to develop, I believe he could have a lane of his own.”


Artists to watch in 2017: Skrub, Midas.Gold, Beechey & Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

360: “I think that all of these guys have a huge year ahead of them if they work for it.”


Artist to watch in 2017: Cooper

Smizzy: “My pick for who’s next in Australian Hip-Hop is a rapper called Cooper. He’s a fucking genius without even trying. His music is effortlessly relatable. Most of the stuff people might have seen from him is on his Facebook page or through his Soundcloud, but I happen to know he’s working on an EP currently with Melbourne producer Matik (Seth Sentry / Drapht / Bliss n Eso / Pez) and I’ve been lucky enough to hear some of it. It’s bullshit good! He’s 23 and has a huge career ahead of him.”


Artist to watch in 2017: S-A-M

GMC: “There’s deep potential from this dude”

Thank you to all the artists that took the time to let us know what rappers they’re watching closely in 2017, you can find their music below.

B Wise

Part 2 coming soon…


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