7 Hip-Hop Releases To Look Forward To In 2017 (Pt. 1)

The Hip-Hop scene in Australia is the strongest it’s ever been, and this two-part series intends to focus on 14 of the most anticipated full-length projects that will be dropping in 2017.


360’s development has been evident throughout all three of his studio albums, with his debut full-length release What You See Is What You Get becoming the soundtrack of the underground in 2008 with a classic boom-bap style. In 2011, 360 released his most successful record to date, with Falling & Flying dominating the mainstream, becoming a platinum album that featured a mass of gold and multi-platinum singles. After somewhat of a hiatus, his follow-up project to Falling & Flying was 2014’s Utopia, an inventive and explorative LP that although impressive, failed to reach the same heights of the previous album.

Since Utopia’s release, 360 managed to get sober and now is in the best form of his career, giving fans a taste of his elite lyricism and impressive work ethic through the release of a mixtape in 2016, among an abundance of snippets of new music on his social media pages.

With over 30 songs in the mix to make the track-listing for his upcoming album, the highly-anticipated project is shaping up to be his best yet.


Thundamentals have dominated radio stations and stages across Australia over the last three years, after their breakout album So We Can Remember gained huge commercial success. The group still remains as connected as ever with their loyal fan base, despite their meteoric rise in 2014, and their upcoming album, Everyone We Know, is proof of that. Thundamentals members Jeswon and Tuka individually rang everyone who sent them a text on a Thunda-bling hotline number, that they gave out during a Facebook live stream, to thank them for their support and reveal the title of their upcoming album.

Their positive and conscious content over pop-influenced production has taken off over the last few years, creating a powerful sound that can be appreciated by fans of any and every genre. Jeswon and Tuka have come from the ground up, and despite their commercial success, the gifted lyricists have never compromised their rapping in order to make a catchy hit.

Now, on February 10th, Thundamentals are set to release Everyone We Know, a highly anticipated album that is sure to push boundaries and break new ground for Hip-Hop in Australia.


Manu Crooks has had a meteoric rise over the last 12 months, which included landing at 3rd on our top 10 songs of the year with Blowin’ Up (how prestigious), but more importantly, having his newest single Assumptions premiered by Zane Lowe’s Beats1 Radio.

The Sydney-sider has such a monstrous presence on the mic, oozing confidence throughout every song he features on. With a huge buzz surrounding the emcee, a full-length album to follow up the gang of hit singles is surely around the corner. Crooks’ back-catalogue of music is filled with hits, and if he is to release an album in 2017, we expect it to be no different.



Dex is one of Australia’s best and brightest young rappers, which was highlighted off the back of his most complete project to date, Young ZenNow with a solid and loyal fanbase, along with a style that transcends all sub-genre’s of Hip-Hop, the young rapper has all of the tools necessary to become a star.

Set to release a free mixtape in the coming months, Dex has given the entire Hip-Hop scene in Australia something to look forward too. However, having released a full-length project every year since he started rapping, don’t put it past the 18-year-old to also drop a studio album later in the year.

Either way, we’re excited to hear everything that comes from Dex in 2017. Himself and the Dayones crew are doing huge things right now, and it’s exciting to watch.



GMC is an OG and pioneer of the Hip-Hop scene in Australia, being one of the first Australian artists to embrace an americanised accent and make it work. Although GMC has entertained us with a string of incredible collaborations with Natureboy and Kiddo, among others, the announcement of an upcoming solo project, Head, is what we’ve needed. It’s finally time to put the spotlight back on GMC, a spotlight that he so richly deserves.

The Melbourne emcee consistently brings a polished and professional feel to his records, always being the first to experiment and push boundaries within Hip-Hop. If you’re not familiar with GMC, it’s definitely time to familiarise yourself and prepare for Head to drop within the first six-months of 2017. We can’t wait.



Ryland Rose, formerly known as Ry, has been around for years now, however, 2016 was the year that things started to change for the Melbourne rapper. Following the name-change, Rose released the music video to the title track off his upcoming album Almost Famous & Broke. The video and song went viral, amassing over 850,000 views online and 430,000 streams on Spotify.

Rose’s sound is one that melds melodic tones and catchy hooks over electronic production, and it’s as loved by the Australian Hip-Hop scene as it is commercially accessible. Following a string of mixtape and EP releases, Almost Famous & Broke will be Ryland Rose’s debut album, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear it.


Brisbane lyricist S-A-M has gained huge traction across the last 12 months, coming out of obscurity after landing a verse on 360’s 2016 mixtape Please Be Seated 3. Although S-A-M has not had any official solo releases across the past few years, his Facebook freestyles and promo video clips have become insanely popular.

Fusing technical rhyme schemes and clever punchlines with modern production, S-A-M is one of the most promising rappers in the country. It’s been four years since he dropped his debut mixtape, and although his catalogue has been starved of other full-length projects, this could be the year that S-A-M finally returns with an album. Keep your eyes peeled for S-A-M in 2017, as the young emcee looks destined to make a huge impact on the scene.


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