7 Hip-Hop Releases To Look Forward To In 2017 (Pt. 2)

The Hip-Hop scene in Australia is the strongest it’s ever been, and this two-part series intends to focus on 14 of the most anticipated full-length projects that will be dropping in 2017.



Since blowing up on a national and international scale in 2014, Allday has remained active, releasing a string of hit singles along with a mixtape, however, he’s yet to drop a follow-up studio album. As we’ve discussed in a previous article, Allday has continuously developed his sound, and now, he’s releasing the best music of his career.

Sides was one of the best songs to come from 2016, globally, and if Allday’s sophomore album is anything close to the quality of that single, then Allday will be the first Australian rapper to completely blow up overseas. Also, no, Iggy doesn’t count. We need this new Allday album.


Everything that Baro touches seems to turn to gold. In 2014 the young rapper released howgoodisgood? as a high-school student, an insanely popular mixtape that pushed boundaries, before releasing his debut EP 17/18 in 2015. It’s been almost 18 months since 17/18 dropped, and Baro’s next project, Just Problems You Need To Know, should be coming out soon. With singles Fuck The Judge and wdubi already released, the hype for his first full length LP is building.

With a sound that’s built on, but not limited to, Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop, Baro continues to redefine what Hip-Hop in this country sounds like. With no boundaries, and a creative hunger that seems infinite, we’re eager to hear Just Problems You Need To Know in 2017. Baro is a gift to Hip-Hop in this country.


Erik Sanders is a Brisbane artist who has released a number of dope singles across the past 18 months, however, he’s yet to release a debut, full-length project. We predict that 2017 is the year that this finally changes.

The young rapper has an extremely distinctive sound, one that is bubbly and energetic, and his latest effort, In The Air (featuring Allday), encapsulates exactly that. We’re one month in to 2017 and In The Air has all of the makings to be the best song of the year. It’s scary to think that Sanders is yet to release a full-length project, considering how good his content already is.

Keep an eye out for a debut project coming from Sanders in 2017, one that has the potential to become one of the greatest Australian releases of the year. Erik Sanders is the man. Sander season is in the air.


There’s something about Carmouflage Rose that sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. The Brisbane rapper has a high-octane, high-energy style that carries the typical new-wave sound to a completely different level. Rose had some of the better singles of 2016, with Flame$, Dreams and Kick On$ all becoming anthems within the Hip-Hop scene in Australia.

This year it’s finally time for Rose to break out of the scene and be heard by thousands more. With his highly anticipated album Roselevel in the works, Carmouflage Rose is one rapper that is destined to make an impact in 2017.



Turqouise Prince has been ready to take over the Hip-Hop scene in Australia for a while now. However, according to our chat with Hau, this is the year that Turquoise finally fulfils his potential, with an official project coming soon.

Turquoise Prince is a triple-threat, as he can sing, rap and produce at a world class level, and although he hasn’t released a full-length project as of yet, we have a feeling that his debut effort will be huge. His most recent single, Worlds Apart, perfectly highlights the rappers charismatic aura, smooth vocals and ability to put together a hit song. Watch this space.


Tides has a melodic, tonal delivery that allows him to adapt to any type of production, killing everything from pop-influenced to trap-heavy beats with his trademark style. Perhaps with the most potential on a commercial level, equally talented as a rapper and a songwriter, Tides has put together some of the most catchy anthems to come from 2016, and he’s only getting better.

Tides himself has confirmed that he’s dropping an EP in early 2017. Since the release of bangers like On A Drip and G.I.L.T, we’ve been waiting for the BNE emcee to gift us an official project, and it looks to be on it’s way, at last. Tides can do everything, and it’s impossible not to vibe with his music. It’s time to stop sleeping on the man.



Travy P remains a mystery to many fans within the scene, as his back-catalogue of music has been all but erased from the internet. However, a prolific Australian artist was kind enough to give us a listen to one of Travy’s upcoming singles, and it’s insanely dope.

Travy P incorporates a new-wave sound with catchy, vibrant melodies that catch your ear immediately. We believe that Travy P is one of Hip-Hops biggest hidden treasures, and soon, the Brisbane rapper will be ready to release the goldmine of music that he’s been sitting on.

With an EP in the works, and a single dropping soon, remember the name Travy P, because he’s set to make huge WVS in 2017. Travy P is the truth.


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