Horrorshow Announce Release Of Long-Awaited Album ‘Bardo State’

To the rejoice of hip-hop fans around the country, One Day members Horrorshow have set February 24th as the release date of their highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Bardo State.

The Sydney-based emcee/ producer duo is renowned amongst the Australian Hip-Hop scene, coupling Adit’s often flawless production with Solo’s knowledgeable, visceral and undeniably smooth rhymes.

The pair have teased the eagerly awaiting Hip-Hop community with two very different yet similarly absorbing singles, releasing If You Know What I Mean and Push (featuring Taj Ralph) which have each amassed over 300,000 plays on Spotify.

If these two most recent singles are indicative of anything, it’s that Bardo State will be some of the group’s most diverse work to date, likely incorporating “a whole range of Spanish and Eastern sounds.”

With a promise to deliver songs of various themes, ranging from love songs to elegies, and even “a tribute to the stoner girls of the world”, expect Bardo State to contain a refreshing mix of the old and new Horrorshow style. A combination that’s likely to resonate with a mainstream audience while still maintaining the group’s signature authenticity and flavour.

Solo and Adit have also seemingly opened their doors (and studio) to a number of collaborating artists, or “people we f*ck with”, as put by Adit. Turquoise Prince, Omar Musa, Kai (Jackie Onassis), Hayley Mary (The Jezabels), Dan Caplen (UK) and Freddy Crabs (Sticky Fingers) all set to make appearances on the album, exciting both Hip-Hop fans and music lovers alike.

Stay tuned for the announcement of a nation-wide tour following the release of the album, which the duo has hailed as their “best work yet.”





Written by Conal Feehely

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