REVIEW: Bliss N Eso’s ‘Dopamine Tour’ (Melbourne)

One of Australia’s biggest Hip-Hop acts, Bliss N Eso performed live in front of a capacity crowd at Melbourne’s 170 Russell this past Wednesday, building anticipation for their upcoming album, Off The Grid.

The second-leg of their intimate Dopamine Tour sold-out inside a day, meaning only the most loyal Bliss N Eso fans were in attendance for what was a night to remember. Before Bliss N Eso took to the stage, the opening acts performed, warming up the crowd to a great response.

The sold-out venue, keen to see Bliss N Eso (Image: Steven Abdilla)

Johniepee kick-started the night, getting the crowd involved early with his boom-bap beats and charismatic flow. With Australian Hip-Hop legend DJ Denno scratching by his side, Johniepee’s high-energy performance set the tone for the rest of the night.

Before Bliss N Eso took to the stage, up-and-coming Melbourne rappers Dex and Boy Graduate played a fun, high-octane joint set that had the 900-strong crowd excited and engaged. Despite the pair being fresh off the back of their own national tour, their stage presence, energy levels and ability to connect with the crowd were all on point.

The vast majority of their set was fast-paced music that you would turn-up to, getting the crowd involved, dancing and singing along. However, the highlight of the set came towards the backend, with Boy Graduate sitting down and rapping to the crowd, before Dex followed with an equally engaging, emotional and passionate performance. These two are on the come-up, and their live set in Melbourne is evidence of that.

Dex getting up close with the huge crowd (Image: Liam Pethick)

By 9:30, the supporting acts had played and the crowd was rowdy with anticipation, before Bliss, Eso and DJ Izm came out to structure-shaking screams from their loyal fan base. DJ Izm pumped up the crowd while Bliss and Eso did what they do best, trading verses while making the crowd go wild. At the halfway point of the set, the entire venue was lit up with lighters and flashlights, as Bliss N Eso played their new single Dopamine, for just the second time live.

Without giving too much away about their set, it was incredible. From the hyped-up classic hits such as Addicted and Family Affair, to the emotional live performances of Dopamine and Reflections. Bliss N Eso have been at the top of Hip-Hop in Australia for an eternity now, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

With their brand new album Off The Grid out on March 10, expect a huge national tour to be announced soon, which you won’t want to miss.

Eso rapping to the packed-out venue (Image: Steven Abdilla)


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