Poppy, Sophiegrophy and Netti Kill AUD’$ Cypher

Melbourne rappers Poppy, Sophiegrophy and Netti were all involved in AUD’$ latest cypher this past Wednesday, and they brought some of the most fire bars we’ve seen this on AUD’$.

On International Womens Day we were gifted an all female episode of AUD’$ on SYN FM, which was topped off with the ultimate female cypher that dropped on Friday afternoon.

Poppy kicked off the cypher with smooth multi’s, clever wordplay and an effortless rapid-fire flow. Netti came in next with her distinct vocals, charismatic delivery and presence on the mic a warning shot to all emcee’s around Australia that the women in the scene are making waves. Sophiegrophy entered the cypher with same savage bars and lethal punchlines, flowing seamlessly over the trap-inspired production before Poppy came back in with some of the best bars we’ve heard on that radio show all season, including a slick ‘UNO’ punchline that had us hyped.

Each emcee brought something different to the cypher, putting all rappers on notice with their raw talent and ability. We suggest you check out the music of all three girls, who have each been working hard and making moves in the scene.

AUD’$ do a great job with putting on up-and-coming rappers throughout the country and the latest cypher, and episode, was no different.




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