Review: Crooklyn Brisbane Live Event (ft. Midas.Gold, Gallu$, Z. Lewis & Rari)

Choon! Entertainment has made a massive first splash in the Brisbane Hip-Hop scene with their first Crooklyn event going down this past Saturday at the New Globe Theatre.

The Crooklyn event featured some of the Brisbane’s brightest talent, including headliner Midas.Gold, support act Gallu$ as well as a dual set between London born Z. Lewis and the rap boy Rari.

Z. Lewis and Rari started off the night on an energetic high, exploding out onto the stage, with an amazing chemistry between the two evident. Finishing each others bars, along with their hyped-energy, had the crowd looking back and forth between the two as they ran a muck all over the stage and into the crowd. The pair performed mostly unreleased tracks, giving the audience a taste of the things to come from the two. With both artists gearing up to release music soon, Z. Lewis & Rari are just a couple of BNE artists you need to keep your eyes on.

Gallu$ followed the duo, and shortly after a little air guitar warm up, things were in full swing once again. Opening with his track Peacewalker, it didn’t take long to get the crowd moving. Gallu$ jumped around showing off his incredible skill set, which stretched from his rapping itself to his passion and knack for putting on a crazy live performance. The idea of “you really never know what you’re going to get when you go to a Gallu$ show” is something thrown around BNE quite a bit and this was proven once again. Halfway through the set, he decided to strip down to his boxers & socks for the remainder of the show. This was the moment his new single Lionheart came on and he was joined by Midas.Gold, who helped get the crowd to another level of rowdiness.

Charging around the stage in his boxers, carrying the mic-stand with him whilst belting out gritty and confronting lyrics made this performance one you couldn’t turn away from. Gallu$ also played some new songs on the night that built anticipation for his next project, but until then, make sure to stay on the look out for the Lionheart music video that will be dropping in the coming weeks.

Midas.Gold was the final act to play on the night, and off the back of his own East Coast tour, he did not disappoint. Once Casket Pt 1 started, the entire venue quickly flocked to the mosh pit. Midas treated the crowd to a new song before banging out hits off his EP, such as $$$ and Work It Out, which both had the crowd singing along every word with him. Midas then invited fellow BNE collaborator I AM D on stage to perform an unreleased banger, titled Gang, which proved to be a massive hit, before leaving on the chant “BNE; FAMILY.”

Although, D wasn’t going to be the last guest for the night, as one-by-one, emcee’s Aywin Manyoul, Miss Blanks and Jesswar each stepped out to perform a track and put on for the women of Hip-Hop. Each lady killed their performance, with individual styles, intricate lyricism, and fierce attitudes to match.

Before long, the spotlight was well and truly back onto Midas.Gold, as he controlled the crowd with his huge stage presence, inviting friends on stage to mob with him as 000000 shook the entire venue. Following a few more songs, Midas and the crowd indulged in one final performance of Work It Out before the venue cut off the song midway, due to it being just too lit.

All in all, the first Crooklyn event was a huge success we’re really excited to see what will come next from the people over at Choon! Entertainment.

Until next time, BNE; FAMILY.



Written by Tyler Layton & Jarrod van der Staay

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