#TuesdayTune: Swilo – Legacy (On My Way)

Swilo is a versatile artist hailing from Brisbane, kicking off his 2017 by dropping one of the most stunning music videos to come out of Australia in recent memory, with Legacy (On My Way).

Swilo has been a staple within the Hip-Hop scene in Australia for years now, however it seems that now he’s taking everything to the next level, in what’s shaping up to be a monumental 2017 for the young rapper.

The new single from the Brisbane rapper features melodic tones, inspirational bars and climactic, electronic-influenced production by way of the ‘Sauce God’ James Angus. Although the single has only just dropped, it’s been a work in progress since 2015 says Swilo, “I had a rough and completely different version of this song around September of 2015, I only had the first verse and my delivery was a lot harder and less melodic. It was cool but it just didn’t feel right.”


Once the young emcee got workshopping with producer James Angus, the song slowly began to morph into the track that we hear today. “I started to just freestyle some melodies until we got the main hook, from there the instrumental and whole vibe of the song completely changed. It turned into something really uplifting and special,” says Swilo.

The single is an inspirational and motivational anthem that is sure to be at the top of plenty of work-out playlists, and while the song has up-lifting, feel-good vibes, it means much more to Swilo. “The song itself is about getting to the point where, I really know what I want and finally feel confident enough in myself to pursue it, rather than worrying about what anyone else may think.”


The accompanying visuals for Legacy (On My Way) are as equally stunning as the song itself.  Starring 10x World Muay Thai Champion John Wayne Parr, the video follows JWP and his daughter as she discovers the passion she shares for martial arts with her father, resulting in JWP passing on his legacy to his daughter.

“If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that everything links with the title, with wanting to leave a ‘legacy’, with being ‘on my way’ in my journey,” says Swilo on the video clip. “You’ll also see me walking through my own journey, starting in a dark urban environment, ending up in a vibrant outdoor scene on top of a cliff, looking out into the ocean and towards the next step of my journey.”

Swilo had a clear vision for the music video, one that was shared by director Corey Donaldson and production company Cloudfall, “he (Corey) knew exactly what I was going for and did everything in his power to bring this video to life.”

swilo bak

Legacy is the first single off Swilo’s upcoming EP that is expected in the coming months, says Swilo, “I worked on a lot of music last year behind social media’s eyes and did a lot of preparation for 2017. Expect the visuals for my second single ‘Versatile’ real soon. My debut EP will be released shortly after.”

Keeping his cards close to his chest, Swilo told us that following the release of his upcoming EP, we’ll “just have to wait for whats next,” before signing off with a quick shoutout to BNE.

Legacy (On My Way) is an anthem that not only pushes boundaries sonically, but visually, with the stunning visuals adding an extra dimension to what is an incredible release from the Brisbane artist. 2017 is Swilo’s year.





Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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