Producer Spotlight: Kraznov

This series intends to shine light on the producers around Australia, praising and appreciating their hard work, this week, the spotlight is on Brisbane producer Kraznov.

Kraznov is a unique, versatile producer who has just dropped a collection of new singles ahead of his upcoming EP. We had a chat to the young artist on his new single, the BNE Hip-Hop scene and what producer will feature in next weeks Producer Spotlight.

OTC: How did first begin producing music?

Kraznov: I started playing around with Ableton maybe 4 – 5 years ago through a DJ friend, who at the time gave me a copy; I downloaded a bunch of samples and just started messing around with the program.

When did you realise that producing was something you wanted to go all out with?

From a young age I had been a huge fan of Hip-Hop and always entertained the idea of doing something within the realms of the culture, not really knowing what. But honestly I just fell in love with beat making even if no one ever heard them; I found satisfaction in making little 16-bar loops all day just for the fun of it.

I think when I really started to see a pathway to make a living off this was when a few of my tracks on soundcloud started to get a bit of traction and I linked up with a producer from Arizona called “Y2K” (who is now steady killing it in the US) to do a remix of a Lana Del Ray track (which you can probably still find somewhere online) then it ended up passing the 100k play mark and I was like holy shit this isn’t as far out of my reach as I thought. Also, with the current BNE/AUS Hip-Hop game, now seemed liked the perfect time to get back on it and go full steam.

How would you describe your production style?

I’m always trying to evolve my sound whenever I get inspired by something new so its hard to pin-point one thing, but definitely for the foreseeable future of Kraznov I’m going to keep using big bass and bouncey percussion.

How did your new song, SUGOI, come to life?

I guess like any other project, I started messing with a sample and the track progressed from there. But in terms of what the track is, it’s the first tune from my upcoming EP that’s to be released in the coming months.

You’re a part of the budding BNE scene, what is so special about the Hip-Hop scene and community in Brisbane right now? What does it mean to be a part of that scene?

I think there are a few factors that play into it. One being such a small city with out many opportunities, we kinda had to band together and create them for ourselves. From hosting small, weekly club nights and beat sessions, to bigger live shows; it brought everyone that was trying do something together, simply because these were the only things happening in the city.

I also think it’s from these things that most of the networks and friendships emerged and its continued to snowball from there, plus we got a lot of hardworking, talented motherfuckers up here.

Favourite Australian Hip-Hop artists: REMI, I AM D, Sampa The Great, Manu Crooks, Cult Shotta, Midas.Gold, Tkay Maidza, Koi Child, Baro, Gallu$, Z. Lewis, Tides, Erik Sanders and more..

Favourite Australian producers: FlumeSwindail, LUUDE, Herzeloyde and UV Boi.

Favourite Australian Hip-Hop producers: James Angus, HARVEY and tomtom.

What Australian producer have you selected for next weeks ‘Producer Spotlight’: tomtom

Catch Brisbane producer tomtom on next weeks edition of Producer Spotlight.




Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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