Review: Fourth Place Mixtape Launch @ Revolver (Melbourne)

Melbourne Hip-Hop duo Fourth Place launched their debut Mixtape The Commentary Box live at Revolver, featuring sets from fellow Burn City emcees Solex, Mini Coop & DAY DRMRS.

Fourth Place, consisting of emcee B.Shaw and producer/DJ Lmoh, is a Melburnian Hip-Hop duo who have quickly gained a small cult following since releasing their debut single, Where It’s At, in 2016.

(Image: Dayna O’Shannessy)

Kicking off the night, however, were DAY DRMRS, another Burn City Hip-Hop duo that got the crowd moving early with an undeniable chemistry on stage that was as engaging as it was impressive. The pair bounced off each other and got the crowd involved at every opportunity, playing a vibrant, energetic set that was to prepare the crowd for what was to come later that night.

Following DAY DRMRS’ performance was Mini Coop off the back of the release of his brand new album, Lift Off. Coop brought a polished set that featured all of his biggest hits, including Riot and Fine. Coop’s right-hand-man and common collaborator Clue also came out for the last three songs, matching Mini Coop for energy and enthusiasm on stage, particularly when playing Coops new single King, which was the pick of the set.

Solex took to the stage next as the crowd really began to fill out, the North Queensland-come-Melbourne rapper brought an infectious vibe to his set, one that was inclusive and genuine. His 30-minute performance was raw and intimate at times, which only enhanced the atmosphere when the turn-up tracks did come on, and damn was it wild. Solex gave away free merch and CDs throughout his set, building the hype in the venue perfectly before the main act took to the stage.

(Image: Dayna O’Shannessy)

The venue was packed and the vibe in the place was electric as Fourth Place took to the stage. The crowd jumped, sang and rapped along with every song the pair played. Tracks such as When In Revs (which Fourth Place announced was an exclusive song to all in attendance) and Crazy Nights shook the venue as the packed-out crowd tipped in their tenth pint for the night and vibed with the duo.

After playing an abundance of their hits, Fourth Place invited some of their talented friends to come spit some verses, including DAY DRMRS, before inviting anyone and everyone up on the stage for what was supposed to be their final song, Where It’s At. The bubbly crowd sang the song word-for-word, before demanding an encore, to which Fourth Place, along with their posse of 20-odd friends on stage, turned up to 11 and played When In Revs one last time.

The Mixtape launch proved to be an incredible platform for some of Melbourne’s most promising young Hip-Hop talents, and each act delivered on the night.





Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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