Exit Route Set To Drop Exclusive 4/20 Release

Queensland-based clothing brand Exit Route is preparing to drop 10 individual, hand-crafted garments on the 20th of April, as a part of their exclusive 4/20 collection. 

The 4/20 collection is set to be Exit Routes biggest release to date, and the items will only be available for $42 on the day, so keep an eye out for the drop on Thursday HERE.

Exit Route not only hand-crafts unique, dynamic garments, however, the brand also teams up with Hip-Hop artists from all over Australia to collaborate on individual, expressive clothing.

We spoke to Exit Route founder and owner Daniel Kuskey (AKA Dan Ku$h) on what to expect from 4/20 collection, the state of the fashion industry and more.

OTC: What inspired Exit Route and how did it come to life? 

Dan Ku$h: Exit Route was a funny start actually, I had a shit day at work and was dropping the BeatLord (aka HARVEY) at his job and I said I needed an exit route, so that was the name. However, I met Midas.Gold over a year ago in the studio one day, when they were making $$$, we just clicked, like he’s the big bro man. We clicked once we met and talked for a bit over some durries and yeah, one thing led to another and he was down to rock some stuff and we went from there. ‘Listen Out’ was when i realised “shit, i think I’m onto something here! who else is gonna do this?”


What’s the concept behind this new release (on the 20th of April)? 

Every release I do is just an expression of how I’ve felt in the time of making the pieces, basically the last six-months I’ve been making stuff for this release.

What garments will you be dropping? 

There will be 10 pieces for sale, all individual and all for $42.0 each, for the one day only. Then they’ll go back to the regular $50-plus.


What’s your opinion on the fashion industry in 2017, and how is Exit Route different? 

The industry as a whole is like any industry I guess, good and bad people. I try to stay away from a lot of the fashion scene though, I like to keep my brain clean of ideas. A lot of what’s coming out lately is tired and boring, too much of the same basic shit getting around on all these fuck-boy hype-beasts. I hate hype-beasts, fuck you and your parent’s money.

I guess thats how Exit Route is different, I wanted to make cool shit without conforming to anything or anyone. Jeremy Scott is a huge inspiration, just the way he says a big fuck you to fashion, I can relate.

You’ve collaborated with numerous Hip-Hop artists in Australia on unique pieces, how did this come about? 

The same way as Exit Route started really, ‘T’ (Midas.Gold) is the homie and he’s rocked everything from 1/1 tees to 1/1 overalls and it kind of caught on and everyone all around Australia has been so supportive of my art. It’s still crazy seeing people wanting my shit.


Any artists you’re currently working with on something?

Dylan Joel, I cant say much on the piece but it’s been an ongoing project since i started Exit Route and he’s actually like my older brother, in every way, shape and form. He’s the best. What I will say about the piece is that it’s timeless and blossoming into a beautiful flower.

I recently styled Jon Does latest film clip and that was so much fun, he was such an easy client and his vibe is real similar to mine, a few hot and cold ones and we were set. Juñor will be seen in some gear from the 4/20 release including a 1/1 Asap Yams inspired camo piece.

Then theres others in the mix like Travy P, Z. Lewis, Yung Dready, Tides, Netti, Orra and Carmoflauge Rose’s Rose Level Jacket that I did is still one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done.

How can people purchase your work on April 20? 

They can hit my DM on Facebook, Instagram or via E-Mail (see below).

Facebook: facebook.com/EXITROUTEBYDANKUSH
Instagram: instagram.com/exitrouteclothing
E-Mail: dankushau.clothing@outlook.com




Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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