Swilo Proves Just How Versatile He Is With New Single

Brisbane emcee Swilo has just blindsided us with yet another certified tune, as well as some next level visuals, yet again, following the release of Versatile

Swilo just doesn’t stop, after hitting us with the motivational, inspirational anthem that was Legacy, the BNE rapper has switched it up with Versatile, the second single off his upcoming EP.

The new single is somewhat of a harsher, grittier cut as opposed to Legacy, with Swilo flexing, delivering heavy punchlines left right and centre over some huge trap-influenced production by way of James Angus, who just doesn’t seem to stop.

If there’s one thing we can rely on in this world, it’s that Que Film Collective will produce a stunning, engaging music video with every chance they get. Off the back of I AM D‘s Gang video dropping, Que Film have struck twice in a week, this time with some curious colour grading, smooth camera work and inventive visuals.

Swilo has reached new heights in 2017, and with his upcoming EP, Right On Time, just around the corner, things are about to heat up once again.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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