Why Z. Lewis Is One Of Australia’s Most Promising Rappers

London-born, Australian-claimed rapper Z. Lewis has had a buzz surrounding his name recently, particularly since the drop of his latest single, Don’t Speak 2 Me, here’s why.

Z. Lewis carries himself with an undeniable confidence and charisma on the mic, delivering rapid-fire flows and intricate lyricism with what seems like absolute ease. Back in October of 2016, the Brisbane rapper dropped a re-work of Kendrick’s Levitate, the track features idiosyncratic flows, effortless internal rhymes and dynamic multi-syllable punches that land together with pin-point accuracy.

Stringing multi’s together like it’s nothing and distorting common rhyme schemes the Z. Lewis way is all on display in Levitate, which remains to be one of the most slept on remixes we’ve heard.

On Tyrøne‘s Tickin’, that features Z. Lewis and fellow Brisbane emcee I AM D, Lewis spits what could very well have been the best Australian verse to come from 2016. Seriously, the guy absolutely murders the poor, poor beat.

I’ve broken down the opening four bars of his guest verse, and there wasn’t a syllable that didn’t rhyme, whether it was a part of a multi or a repeated internal rhyme, not one. This is why the verse just flows so naturally.

Highlighted below is the opening four bars which speak for themselves, every colour represents a syllable rhyming, and I just about ran out of colours to use.

Redefining east to west/
The compassrealigns through each new step/
Sumptous, feasts align through peace of mind as Zed speaks/
Seeking iron speeches to attempt with, new found venom/

Z. Lewis is quite clearly one of the most technically sound emcee’s in the country, however, it’s not just his wild, break-neck schemes that impress, his wordplay is also an impressive feature of his music too. In the same guest verse on Tickin’, Lewis spits a clever weather/whether bar that you should try catch.

The BNE emcee is most definitely one of the most impressive and promising lyricists in the country right now, and along with that, he knows how and when to use his lyrical proficiency, as he never over does it.

Also, Lewis knows how to make an anthem, check out his new single Don’t Speak 2 Me below for proof of that.


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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