Juñor Teams With Nate Fox and Mann On New Single ‘Top Flight’

Off the back of touring with Peking Duk across the country as Ivan Ooze‘s DJ, and a successful second season of AUD’$ radio, Melbourne rapper Juñor is back with a brand new single of his own featuring some huge international names.

Juñor has teamed up with Los Angeles rapper Mann to deliver a stunning, vibe-filled hit over some floaty Nate Fox production (Chance The Rapper, Social Experiment). Top Flight features Juñor’s wild, trippy-boy flow as well as Mann’s slick, smooth and effortless delivery, creating a unique meld of styles that is as dynamic and diverse as it is cohesive.

We spoke to Juñor on the new single and how it came to life.

OTC: First off, it’s good to have you back releasing music following your Free Mined projects last year, how does it feel to finally have new music out? 

Juñor: It feels so good. It’s been way too long. I’ve been playing more than ever and doing more than ever on all fronts, but it’s been killing me not releasing music. PattyBoomba and i have been putting in work and i’m really excited about the records we’re creating at the moment.

Mann and I first recorded this one back in like September, feels great to be getting it out there finally. I’m really really excited for the live shows coming up.


There are a few pretty incredible features on the new single, lets start with U.S rapper Mann. How did a feature with him come to life?

Mid-2016 I’d been smashing on repeat this project ‘Feel Triiip’ that he’d recently dropped under another name ‘Yump Daniels’.

I saw he was coming out to Australia to do a nation wide club tour and just hit him up with my music as I felt we were on the same wave-length on shit. He had a mutual love for what I was doing out here so we made it happen. We’ll probably do some more stuff together.

The song is also produced by Nate Fox (Chance The Rapper), how and when did you get in contact with Fox, and what was the process like to work in conjunction with a producer of his stature?

This one’s a weird story haha. So a couple years back he was kinda starting to get bigger, he’d already done dope Chance and MGK work and heaps more, and I was a fan of his work and just managed to hit him up online.

We talked a little and he showed me a heap of beats and I vibed a couple and wanted to cop them, but kinda wanted some things changed and all. Nate was real dope and went and did some work and came back with heaps more finessed versions of them so i was really stoked. He’s an incredible producer, so it’s really dope to have a track out with his production. He definitely killed it.


How did you feel once you got the final beat back from Fox, did you know that this was going to be something special?

You’re saying it’s special? Naww, haha.

I knew Nate was on some from earlier days in his career and his blow up is testament to that. I always wanted to hold the beat(s) till they and I were ready. No forced process at all.

I’d actually kinda forgotten about the beats when Mann and I were vibing on a whole heap of different stuff. We kinda had a weed epiphany that we had some beats from Nate we hadn’t touched and we both really vibed to this one from the second we played it. One of those mutual, “oh shit this the one moments.”

What can we now expect to come from Juñor? 

Heaps on all fronts. Juñor releases are back in full steam for most of this year, singles, videos and more, wink wink. Tour about to be announced and DJ’ing a lot of places too. Plus, all the Ivan Ooze live stuff is looking crazy fun as always and his new single is out real soon that I worked on, that ones huge.

Crazy things coming for my entire R.E.A.L Music Label and of course AUD’$ is about to go next level, I can’t wait to show you guys everything in store on all fronts.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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