The New Wave: Poppy (Melbourne)

Hip-Hop in Australia is ready to blow-up on a global scale and the eclectic mix of new-wave artists across the country are the driving force behind the rapid come-up.

Melbourne is the city that gave a start to established emcee’s such as 360, Seth Sentry, Pez and Mantra, and now, a new wave of artists are making their own voices heard in ‘burn city, one of those is Poppy.

Poppy is a 20-year-old emcee from Melbourne who has been making moves within the scene over the last 12-months, before her latest single Ocean reached new heights earlier this year. The stripped-back hit turned heads, gathering over 70,000 streams (and counting) online.
Her unique style is one that defies genres, with a mix of hypnotic melodies, stunning cadences and high-quality lyricism melded over differing instrumentation, showing Poppy can really do it all. Live, she brings a mix of raw energy and intimacy that captures your attention and respect.

We had a chat to Poppy on what inspires her and her music.

Who influences and inspires you and your music?

My biggest influences musically would be Kanye West and Drake as they don’t ever conform to one sound and are constantly changing in the Hip-Hop world. I prefer their older tracks as I grew up listening to them and that’s where my flow mainly derives from.

Recently I have been getting into a lot of experimental indie as it has a variety of inspirational sounds and I have been diving deep into them, breaking the sounds and lyrics down bit by bit. Love also influences me, and writing about myself on a deeper level rather than brag about all my money, not that I have any.

You’re a huge part of this new Hip-Hop moment in Melbourne (and AUS) right now. How do you feel that Hip-Hop in Australia has developed over the last few years?

I personally feel that we have just integrated the new wave of Hip-Hop into our culture now from our biggest influence (USA) but we have still managed to put our own style on it.

A few years ago, if I think of Hip-Hop in Australia, I think Bliss n Eso, Hilltop Hoods, Seth Sentry, Thundamentals and so on, but now if I think of Hip-Hop in Australia, we literally have a bit of everything which is incredible. It’s endless now and there are new sounds coming out daily. I’m excited for the future of music here.

How did your single ‘Ocean’ come to life?

I was just at the beach one day. Literally, I was just watching the Ocean and started comparing it to a love I experienced and it all came together. I don’t normally sing, but I have become a lot more confident in my voice.

I usually rap with lots of melodies, so Ocean was a bit of a spanner in the works. I like to keep people guessing though. I don’t think I’ll ever have one particular sound. I’ll always change it.

What can we expect from Poppy for the remainder of 2017?

My music video to Ocean will be out soon. I’m also working on some new music – lots of experimenting at the moment. I’ll have some more songs out soon. I aim to get on high rotation with Triple J organically. And I would love to be touring by the end of the year!

Who are some of your favourite artists in Australia?

Manu Crooks is really cool. He has his own style and a unique voice. He is mysterious as well, you never know what will happen next. I like Mallrat as well, she’s real funky, I wouldn’t mind a collab with that chica.


Written by Jarrod van der Staay


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