Poor Taste Begins ‘Poor Sunday’ Series With New Single ‘Time’

Filipino x Australian artist Poor Taste is back following his debut single Airplane Mode, this time with the beginning of an exciting new series and a brand new banger to kick it off, titled Time.

The ‘Poor Sunday’ series has began, and for the next 10 weeks we can expect new content coming from Poor Taste weekly. The lead single this week is Time, a trap-inspired slow-jam that goes hard.

Time is about having and wanting everything we’re constantly told should make us happy; material posessions, social access, the company of pretty girls, and the pleasure of pretty things in pretty places, yet feeling like none of that matters in the slightest, because what’s truly important is missing.”

Accompanying Time, rumour has it that Poor Taste will be dropping a couple more tracks before next Sundays instalment which you can peep below.


You can download Time on BandCamp HERE or stream it on SoundCloud HERE



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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