The New Wave: Petero Thony (Melbourne)

Hip-Hop in Australia is ready to blow-up on a global scale and the eclectic mix of new-wave artists across the country are the driving force behind the rapid come-up.

Melbourne is the city that gave a start to established emcee’s such as 360, Seth Sentry, Pez and Mantra, and now, a new wave of artists are making their own voices heard in ‘burn city, one of those is Petero Thony.

Petero Thony is a 20-year-old rapper hailing from Shepparton, which lays a few hours north of Melbourne, and over the last six to seven months, he’s gifted us with nothing but gems, including hits No No (Hennessy) and Lose You.

We had a chat to the up-and-coming rapper to learn more about the self-confessed ‘happy-loner’ and his music.

No No (Hennessy) is perhaps Thony’s biggest and best hit to date, and it came about after the young emcee left Melbourne for his hometown of Shepparton.

“I was living in Melbourne mid-last year and couldn’t focus on my music as seriously as I wanted to… (so) I left Melbourne. On my way out of Melbourne i received some great advices from the likes of UV Boi, Chester Watson and Mo (from Diafrix), I quickly moved back to my childhood town of Shepparton.” said Thony.

“It was in Shepparton that I rediscovered myself… I think I wrote No No (Hennessy) by accident because I had total freedom and wrote it carefree.”


While Thony felt as free as ever after his move to Shepparton, he never quite knew that he had a hit on his hands with the No No (Hennessy), “I never believed in the track as much as I should’ve, it was recorded while I had a cold and the second verse was a freestyle in the studio.”

Petero’s friend GS Phantom (of Gremlns) loved with the song, so Petero thought he might post it on Facebook almost as a throwaway track.

“I thought nothing of it and went to play basketball. When I came back from basketball, I saw that people were sharing, tagging their friends and dropping some heartfelt comments under the song.”

The track has taken off to become one of Thony’s most well received tunes, and it went off when he performed it live in the mosh pit at WVS’ Big Swell event earlier this year.

The promising rapper has a slew of musical inspirations, which can’t be surprising considering his own unique cross-over of styles.

“The people who influenced me the most include and not limited to XXXtentacion, Kyle and Allan Kingdom, I fuck with the idea of switching up your sound and not boxing yourself artistically,” says Thony.

When it comes to Hip-Hop in Australia, Petero also has a broad taste, saying that he loves everything from “Pez and 360’s Festival Song, to Kerser’s Bad Habits and Manu Crooks’ Blowin’ Up, it’s all Aussie, it’s all great music.”


Currently, Petero believes that “Poppy has a bright future, Devarn got the creative sauce, the boy Rari is something else and the Noble Natives is among the very best groups slept on right now.” However, Thony believes that there is one fellow Melbourne artist standing head and shoulders above the rest right now.

Mike Wang is the shit, the bees knees. Simply put, Mike Wang is item nine. Mike is my favourite rapper from Melbourne because he’s not sitting on a hot song he dropped almost a year ago, he’s my favourite because he’s consistent and determined.”

While we wait on new music to come from Petero Thony, you can believe that the self-confessed loner is either in the studio working, “going for a walk, or volunteering at local op-shops.”

Petero Thony is one of the countries brightest artists on the come up, and whatever comes next from the one-of-a-kind emcee, we can’t wait.


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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