360 Returns With Huge Comeback Single ‘God Mode’

Melbourne rapper 360 has returned with a massive new single, God Mode, in the lead up to an eventual fourth studio album.

With no hooks and no boundaries, 60 rips through anyone and anything standing in the way of his goals with some savvy, technical rhyme schemes, heavy-hitting punchlines and larger-than-life aura. All of this is wrapped into three-and-a-half minutes of straight rapping over some gritty Nic Martin production.

“If it’s not 6 in you’re top pick then that topic getting top split
Yeah, it’s your opinion, but it’s wrong, bitch, this is god shit”

Stepping up his pen game with every year that has passed, 60 has at last hit god mode, proving why he should be considered as one of the country’s very best lyricists, whilst simultaneously still being able to create a banger. One aspect of 360’s pen game that is more-or-less untouchable, is his clean punchlines that he’s been renowned for since back in his battling days, and God Mode offers us some more classic bars.

“I’m a nice bloke, it ain’t obvious? Spitting god mode, I’m on top of this
But at my shows I sell tix (Celtics) and ain’t talking ’bout where Boston is”

The burn city artist has achieved plenty of success over the course of his career, however, this new single has sent a definite message that he’s not content, but hungry for more.

“See the whole game gonna back out, when I stood up, homie, yo, they sat down”

What makes this new song all-the-more impressive, is the fact that it hasn’t made the cut for 60’s upcoming album, and in fact has been placed in a Spotify playlist titled VI, a totally different project to the upcoming Vintage Modern LP.

“Don’t tell ’em, they’re like ‘Why’s this not a album track?’
All the best shit I have held it back, but doesn’t matter, I got hella raps”

360 is back in a big way, once again claiming his stake as one of the countries very best emcee’s, and it looks as if there is plenty more to come.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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