ChillinIt and Talakai Body Grimey New Collaboration

If clever word play, hard-hitting punchlines and grimey beats are your thing, then Sydney & Newcastle emcees ChillinIt and Talakai have you covered, with their new hit, Get Bodied.

The clip sees the emcee’s team up with Body Bag Media, stripping back to raw grime with no chorus, wicked bass-lines and intricate word play as ChillinIt effortlessly drops bomb after bomb whilst Talakai’s sharp delivery and effervescent flow patterns dismiss the need for any chorus.

“I flow futuristic I’m born in australia, kangaroos, crocodiles, Iggy Azalea
Nobody buying that shit are you kiddin’ me, riddle me that, you can have her like literally”

“We both usually stick to kind of a more traditional style Hip-Hop but ChillinIt found this beat so we decided to branch out and flex a little,” said Talakai on the new track.

The two emerging artists have revealed another side of their artistry with Get Bodied, and if this is any indicator, both Talakai and ChillinIt have a huge year ahead of them.


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