REVIEW: Travy P – ‘P.O.I.N.T.’ EP

Brisbane rapper, artist and all-round good guy Travy P has dropped his brand new EP, titled P.O.I.N.T. (Pictures Of Images Never Taken)

The EP was released under Melbourne-based record label WVS, and is eight tracks in length, featuring 360 and JOY. as well as being produced in its entirety by Sydney trailblazer Miracle.

P.O.I.N.T. kicks off with Summer 88, a song that builds as it progresses, with spacious, climactic production by Miracle, before the beat entirely switches to some contrasting grand gospel vibes and a raw drum pattern. Travy’s performance on the opener is solid in all aspects, flaunting a variety of flows as well as the ability to build his delivery in tandem with the instrumentation.

Following Summer 88, we go straight into Stoned Alone, undoubtedly one of the stand-out tracks to come from the EP. Stoned Alone is a moody, nocturnal jam to spark one to. With a strong hook and some memorable bars, Travy unveils another layer to exactly who he is wit this honest, powerful cut.

“Give me space, give me time, I just need it to unwind”

The third track of the project is Sleepover, a 360 collaboration that Travy released back in February as the first single off the EP. The song features a charismatic verse and hypnotising hook from Travy, teaming up with 60 who compliments the Brisbane rappers aura with a heavy-hitting, dynamic verse.

“It’s funny with everybody throwing shade, all I’m catching is shine”

As we hit the midway point of the EP, we also get to hear what is perhaps the biggest and best banger on the entire project, Real Estate. Real Estate was dropped as the second single prior to the release of P.O.I.N.T., and boy does it slap. The track is a turn-up anthem that captures the energy, charisma and talent that makes Travy P one of the most exciting and promising artists in the country. Shoutouts to Miracle for the insane production on this cut.

“I can take her round the twist, lighthouse on the cliff”

Following the mayhem that is Real Estate, we reach the solo interlude on the EP, titled Proper. Travy P experiments with some creative, diverse flows and structures throughout the entire two-and-a-half minutes it lasts for. While most interludes can merely be seen as fillers or throwaways, Proper has us excited for what else the BNE native can deliver in the future, as he toys with some aspects of his delivery that we are yet to see on a full-length track.

Devils Disco follows the interlude, a track that is as mysterious as it is intriguing. Time and time again, Travy shows us a side of him that just has us asking for more, and Devils Disco is most definitely one of these situations, for the second song in a row on the EP. The vibe is gloomy, yet fascinatingly something you find yourself bouncing and nodding your head to.

With additional vocals and keys from fellow Australian star-in-the-making JOY., Travy sounds at perhaps his most comfortable with the love song Dial Up. Travy opens up with a stirring gook and pensive lyrics to match, showing a vulnerable side that leads into the final track on P.O.I.N.T., 3AM Thoughts.

3AM Thoughts is the ideal way to end the EP. As we learn more about Travy P with every song that passes on the project, it all comes to a head for 3AM Thoughts, the introspective conclusion to P.O.I.N.T.. There is really not too much we can say about this effort, as the charismatic rapper unloads a baggage of emotion over production that gives him room to spit about anything and everything thats on his mind, and that’s exactly what he does.

“Used to talk about figures til’ I saw the bigger picture”

Travy P‘s eight-track EP P.O.I.N.T. is a journey that gives you a look in at the WVS rapper and his personal triumphs, despairs and ideals.

Favourite Tracks: Stoned Alone, Real Estate, Dial Up, 3AM Thoughts



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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