Top 10 Songs Of 2017.. So Far

We are now beyond the halfway point of 2017, and as expected, Hip-Hop in Australia has continued to develop and rise at a rapid rate, here are our 10 favourite songs to drop this year, to date. 

10. Anfa Rose – I’m Good

Sydney-sider Anfa Rose came through with yet another hit to his impressive catalog in May, teaming up with common collaborator and producer Dopamine for I’m Good. The fiery hit took shots at anyone and everyone attempting to stand in his way, from labels to fellow artists.

9. Kaé – Straight To The Bank (ft. Droopo)

The burn city duo of Kaé and Droopo were always going to create a banger when teaming up, but Straight To The Bank exceeded all expectations as the pair go back-and-forth, flexing on the powerful production. Kaé and Droopo are each some of the most talented and promising rappers coming out of Melbourne right now, and Straight To The Bank is the picturesque culmination of their talents.

8. I.e. – OMW!

WVS rapper I.e. kicked off 2017 as a complete mystery, and while not much has changed from the outside, his new music has told us everything we need to know, and that’s the fact the I.e. is headed for big, big things. The first single the Sydney rapper released this year was OMW!, a dark, crooning single that is as catchy as it is impressive. ALL I SMOKE IS JPS.

7. Mike Wang – Action

Action is a confident and charismatic single that was dropped earlier this year from up-and-coming young Melbourne rapper Mike Wang, and damn does this song go hard. This track is truly infectious, from the choppy piano to Mike’s swift flows and don’t get us started on that hook. After one listen you’ll be humming that killer hook to yourself all day, wondering why this song hasn’t gone viral yet.

6. Lil Spacely – You Know It 

One of many WVS signee’s on this list, Sydney’s own Lil Spacely dropped what was his breakthrough single this year under the Melbourne-based record label, with the energetic, fast-paced cut You Know It. Spacely delivers a variety of idiosyncratic rhyme schemes and cadences throughout the huge anthem, making it one of our very favourite tracks to drop so far in 2017.

5. Travy P – Real Estate

Travy P‘s latest single Real Estate takes the cake for the hardest track of 2017, with his charismatic aura flooding the track as well as a Miracle produced beat that hits like a Mack Truck. Taken off his EP POINT, Real Estate is among a collection of new Travy P tracks that could have easily made this list.

4. François – LastDolla

Dedicated to his other-half, FrançoisLastDolla is a happy-go-lucky love song that carries a magnetic-air with it, one that will find it’s way to the top of all your playlists without a doubt. The single features some smooth melodies and quirky flows that have this honest, personal and feel-good vibe that leave you wanting to hear much more from the Melbourne songwriter.

3. I AM D – GANG

I AM D is one of the countries most promising emcee’s, but before being a rapper, he is someone who puts on for his city, and that couldn’t be truer than with his biggest single of the year, GANG. D spits with his trademark patterns, tipping his hat to many of his friends and fellow creatives from BNE, before unleashing a monstrous hook, making GANG the biggest anthem of 2017.

2. Poppy – Ocean

When we first discovered Ocean back in February, we knew that not only did Poppy have a big future ahead of her, however, that the single itself was set to blow up. With now well over 100,000 streams online, Ocean’s emotionally-charged hook and powerful lyrics have made it what is unquestionably one of the most beautiful tracks to come from 2017, regardless of genres or countries.

1. Erik Sanders – In The Air (ft. Allday)

Taking out the number one spot as our favourite song to date in 2017, is Brisbane native Erik Sanders with his summery, cheerful hit In The Air featuring Allday. The uplifting single features bubbly, melodic verses from each Sanders and Allday, over some floaty production by way of James Angus. From the moment this song dropped it was a breath of fresh air, a positive, catchy anthem that encapsulates everything that’s good right now within music in Australia. SANDERS SEASON IN THE AIR.

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Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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