Top 20 Songs Of 2017.. So Far (Part 1) [20-11]

We are now beyond the halfway point of 2017, and as expected, Hip-Hop in Australia has continued to develop and rise at a rapid rate, here are 20 of our very favourite songs to drop this year. 

21. Johniepee – Patience

This was meant to be a top 20, however there have just been so many dope songs dropped this year, so we pushed it by one, forgive us.

Perth-born, Sydney-based rapper Johniepee is relatively new on the scene, and his debut EP Bigger Things turned heads, with slick spitting over some old school-influenced production. The EP included the track Patience, which comes in as our 21st favourite song to drop so far this year, a slow, heart-felt single that features a lingering hook and some passionate lyrics.

20. G Elenil – God Enough

G Elenil has done nothing but dominate in 2017, producing almost the entirety of her discography whilst also rapping straight fire, which includes her May release, God Enough. The single is a soulful, yet dynamic banger that takes you on a ride, as G weaves in and out of the numerous changes of pace effortlessly within the self-produced hit.

19. Tides – Bones (prod. tomtom)

The second Brisbane native on this list is Tides, and in the lead up to his new EP Vertigo, we have been hit with a couple singles, including the luscious cut that is Bones. Tides rides the dreamy, sunny production from tomtom, as he raps and sings his way into our hearts with this casual banger.

18. Peezo – Nauseous

Peezo returned after a 12 month absence to deliver what is perhaps is most experimental yet polished song to date, with the HFNR produced jam Nauseous. The latest single from the Melbourne rapper is a happy-go-lucky jam that is just too damn infectious.

17. Dos Boy – Run It (ft. Kwasi x HFNR)

Dos Boy teams up with burn city friends Kwasi and HFNR on Run It, an uplifting, yet revealing cut that paired two of the cities most eccentric and exciting emcee’s with one of the countries fastest rising producers in HFNR, and the result was no surprise. Such a tune.

16. RARI – For You

Rari has been somewhat of a mystery in the last 12 months, however, with only one single in 2017 we know that whatever is coming is most definitely worth the wait. The Brisbane artists’ April single For You is quite easily one of the slickest and most soulful tracks to be dropped in 2017. It’s just so damn beautiful.

15. Dex – God Damn (ft. I AM D)

Dex has been teasing a new mixtape for the entirety of 2017, and his latest single God Damn is one of the first tastes of what’s to come from the project, and all we can say is GOD DAMN. Dex teams up with I AM D to bring the heat on the hard-hitting, bouncy Dom Cork produced song that has each emcee trade relentless verses.

14. Gamirez – Alright

With an insanely catchy hook, poppy piano sample and some buttery vocals, Perth rapper Gamirez without a doubt dropped one of the most addicting songs at the beginning of this calendar year, with Alright. The 6k emcee’s energy and charisma takes centre stage on this banging single.

13. Coast & Ocean – Suntouchers (ft. Phillabu$trr)

Poetic surf Hip-Hop vibes are strong on Suntouchers, the Coast & Ocean single that couples raw, powerful melodies with some authentic acoustic production. Featuring Phillabu$trr, the single gives the listener an intimate experience with unlimited replay value.

12. Petero Thony – No No (Hennessy)

Coming in as our 12th favourite song dropped so far in 2017, is No No (Hennessy) by the duke of burn city, Petero Thony. Thony dropped No No (Hennessy) earlier this year, releasing it almost as a throw-away, before it blew up online with fans loving the nonchalant nature to the young rappers delivery paired with the sing-along hook that made it an instant hit.

11. Kwame – Feel Good 

Kwame dropped Lesson Learned in March of this year, a stellar project that featured one of the slickest singles of 2017, Feel Good, which rounds out Part 1 of our Top 20 songs of 2017 (so far). The title of the single is pretty self explanatory, the track gives you sunny, feel-good vibes as Kwame delivers a bubbly hook and some warm verses that engrain themselves into your soul with every listen.

Part 2 of our ‘Top 20 Songs Of 2017.. So Far’ will be published tomorrow.. so keep an eye out for that and feel free to follow us on our socials below, or follow our Spotify playlist HERE to keep up to date with what’s popping in Australia right now.


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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