Best With The Pen: Australia’s Best Lyricists

As Hip-Hop’s popularity in Australia continues to rise at a rapid rate, the quality of Hip-Hop coming out of the country is progressing at an equalling impressive pace, exhibited within the emergence of a host of young, talented emcees. 

We looked at six of the best lyricists on the come-up right now in Australia.


Brisbane spearhead I AM D needs no introduction, building himself a rock-solid reputation as one of the best spitters in the country through years of (daley) grinding, in addition to his highly-acclaimed EP MNTNS in 2016 and string of hit singles to date in 2017.

D has a one-of-a-kind delivery, with choppy, winding flows and a booming, commanding voice that demands your attention to every word he spits.

What is perhaps his greatest strength, however, is his witty wordplay that has been a constant throughout his career.

“Thinkin’ that the D is free? Kendrick ended that discussion”


Rapper/Producer/Mic Killer NERVE is currently putting grime in Australia on the map, slaughtering grimey production with his wicked, never-ending flows and infinite-syllable, next-level rhyme schemes.

Often matching him on the mic going back-and-forth, is Tasmanian rapper and common collaborator Wombat, and together, the two emcee’s deliver nothing but gold.

“I’m disturbing the peace with the words that I breathe”


As we’ve previously discussed, Brisbane artist Z. Lewis is one the countries most elite writers, technically he is in a league that very few others are in within Australia.

Lewis possesses a break-neck delivery that he uses sparingly, only when it needs to be used. This rapid-fire flow is always matched with clean yet complex multi’s that never fall a step out of place, and on top of his lyrical prowess, Lewis knows how to put together a hit song.

“You thought that the game changed, now it didn’t”


Kudos has long been one of Australia’s top wordsmiths, with a spoken word-esque delivery and often conscious, introspective lyrics.

While Kudos’ latest single The Rhythm implements captivating melodies and some ultra-smooth cadences, he’s always been elite with pen in hand, connecting intricate rhyme schemes with ease as far as his exceptional lung-capacity will allow him.

An artist truly in love with the art-form of rhyming, Kudos was always going to be mentioned and appreciated when it came to talented writers in Australia.

“I grit my teeth and then decide, to let these feelings just subside, I got no time for them”


Some rappers just have an incredible knack for nailing punchlines time and time again without fail, and Skrub is exactly that.

The young emcee constantly hits comical yet sometimes harsh punches, and by the time you just realised what the last punchline meant, he smacks you in the face with yet another one.

Making music to be analysed and memorised, the Brissy-based rapper has a clear-cut flow and sound that only makes his clever wordplay, and often crude content, work all the more better.

“You claim you ballin’ like Hakeem Olajuwon, but people skip your whole verse for every track that I feature on”


Kaè is without a doubt a unique, one-of-a-kind artist. The burn city emcee has a special aura on the mic, a presence that is impossible not to vibe with.

While his magnetic aura is his greatest strength, it’s most definitely not his only one, as the Gremlns rapper consistently pieces together tight multi’s and idiosyncratic flows that make your head spin.

His ability to deliver peculiar flows with such urgency and conviction is a skill that is drastically underrated, and Dirty Sprite is the perfect example of Kaè flaunting all of these attributes at once.

“Ain’t to much that I can say so, you can be the man or you can lay low”


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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