Best New Hip-Hop: August

Every single month we are gifted to a plethora of incredible new Hip-Hop coming out of Australia, here are some of the best new tunes to come from the month of August. 

Midas.Gold – Location

Location is a return to the ring for Seattle x Brisbane artist Midas.Gold, who is undoubtedly one of the countries most influential, impressive and promising young artists on the rise.

The single features some rattling hi-hats, booming 808’s and one hell of a vocal performance by Midas. His distinct delivery collides with memorable bars, catchy melodies and some rapid-fire flow towards the back-half of the song, as Midas snaps on his competition.

Chopper Chol – Pipedown

If you don’t know the name Chopper Chol, it’s our pleasure to introduce you. Coming out of Perth, the young rapper’s latest single Pipedown is a bouncy, shots-fired anthem that positions itself as one of our favourite underground singles of 2017.

Chopper Chol is yet another beast out of 6k, joining the likes of Gamirez, Evanda, Black Napoleon, T$oko and co. as the new faces of Hip-Hop in WA.

I AM D – No Inbetweens

I AM D continues his string of hot singles with perhaps his most serious and significant cut to date, with the anti-domestic violence ode, No Inbetweens.

With some hard-hitting, gloves-up lyrics accompanied by some confronting visuals of grazed knuckles and bruised faces, the track is not one to be taken lightly, as it shines a very important spotlight on all the cowards and weak-minded people who lay a hand on ‘loved’ ones.

The BNE spearhead has a special way with words, and he’s used those words in all the right ways on No Inbetweens.


I.e. has been dropping new music on us unexpectedly in recent times, with no build up or promotion, however (as always), the music itself has been A+, and Pronto is no different.

The smooth, late-night jam is one that further adds to the mystery of the Sydney-based artist, although, it also confirms just what we thought, I.e. can’t put a foot wrong right now.

What’s next for the masked artist, who knows? But as long as he continues to release music, we’re happy.

Kudos – The Rhythm

Reflecting the title, Kudos‘ latest single is a soul-soothing, rhythmic new tune that steers towards a different direction, whilst still sticking true to the Melbourne-based emcee’s lyrical strengths.

As hypnotising as it is progressive, Kudos displays his ability to ingrain a melody deep into your mind on The Rhythm, further expanding his frighteningly impressive arsenal of talents.

Peezo – In N Out

It’s time to come to terms with the fact that burn city-based rapper Peezo really isn’t stopping. In case you missed it, Peezo has now dropped three new tunes in the month of August, and something tells me he has more to come.

The latest instalment to come from the string of singles is the heaps-chilled AGNUS produced comeback song In N Out. You can go familiarise yourself with all of his new music to come from August here, before he builds on a promising month with an even bigger September.

Vic August – Days In The West EP

16-year-old future star Vic August dropped a new EP last week, titled Days In The West, displaying a mature and clear-cut sound that is set to catapult the young Northern Territory artist into the spotlight in years-to-come.

His unique, silky smooth vocals and second-to-none songwriting is all on show throughout the five-track EP, as Vic sets himself up as one of the countries most exciting artists, regardless of age.

Dex, Allday, Kaè, Gs Phantom, 360, Manu Crook$ and more..

In August we also saw Dex and Allday collaborate for the ultra-catchy, ultra-blissful hit, 4AM, as well as a new Kaè and Gs Phantom drop Guess. Australian Hip-Hop royalty 360 released the final instalment (for now) of his VI series, releasing a heart-wrenching rap-ballad, Tiny Angel, and Sydney-sider Manu Crooks further cemented his spot as one of the true spearheads of the new wave in Australia with revolutionary EP Mood Forever, which contained a diverse array of bangers.

Check out our Best Of August Soundcloud Playlist below, which has a mass of great Australian music to come from the month of August..

You can also find our regularly updated Spotify Playlist HERE


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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