PREMIERE: tomtom – Big Bang Freestyle (ft. APEman & Max Muller)

Brisbane rapper/producer/songwriter/everything in-between tomtom has teamed up with fellow Brisbane creatives APEman and Max Muller on a wild new single, Big Bang Freestyle.

The song dips in-and-out of moods, with multiple beat changes from tomtom and contrasting styles from APEman and Max Muller creating some uniquely dope moments throughout the track.

On how the song came to life, we spoke to the mastermind behind it all, tomtom.

“Man this track is the sound of catching a vibe in the studio with some talented homies. We had plans to link up and do some writing and APEman was free as well so he cruised through. We got in there and I just started pulling instruments up, the piano and drums were the first two and we just went from there. There we no preconceived ideas, more just playing different things and then being inspired by the sounds we made,” said tomtom.

“I love working with APE, he’s always down to work and write something and Muller, man, he’s legitimately a real talent and someone to watch right now and in the future. Big things. The whole song took about 3 hours to write and record and that was it. Then I had a blast mixing it- when I have sounds like this and the opportunity to play with stuff like different ways of processing auto-tune or 808s I could have mixed this 1000 different ways haha. Da Vinci is quoted as saying ‘Art is never finished, only abandoned’ and while I wouldn’t say I abandoned this track I could have happily kept tweaking it for another year at least. But you gotta let it go at some point.”

“I asked APEman to do the artwork for it and I really liked the cover of Migos last album CULTURE so I asked him to do something like that except with all Australian and QLD culture references; stuff like the tally-hos packet, sausage roll from BP, a Kookaburra and the Gatorbuge. He wasn’t super keen to begin with that to begin with because he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of jacking their art like that. But I feel like it’s more like a remix or homage to what I think is a super dope and iconic artwork and the track itself definitely turned out to be a bit of an homage to some of our shared influences.”


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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