REVIEW: 360 ‘VI’ Tour Live @ Howler (Melbourne)

Last week, Australian Hip-Hop royalty 360 played his first headline show in over two years, kicking off his VI tour with three intimate, sold-out shows at Melbourne’s Howler.

Opening on the three nights were Poppy (23rd of August), Charlie Threads (24th of August) and long-time collaborator PEZ (25th of August). Each opening act had something unique and special to bring to the table, whether it was a knack for nailing stunning melodies, a second-to-none stage presence, or a plethora of hit songs to play.

We attended the first VI show, which had young Melbourne songwriter open up the show with her breakout single Ocean, before firing up the crowd with an array of popular remixes or room-shaking, unreleased bangers. For such a young, raw talent, Poppy’s control of the stage and magnetic charisma was seriously impressive, as she warmed up the stage for 60 in excellent fashion.

Following Poppy’s performance, DJ Mat Cant played some huge international Hip-Hop anthems to get the crowd prepared for what was to come, with bangers such as Goosebumps and Look At Me! turning the lively atmosphere up an extra notch.

As everything faded to black, God Mode began to play throughout the soundsystem and the die-hard crowd collectively lost their minds. 360 backed up a stellar performance of God Mode with Devils Advocate followed by his one of his most popular hits, Boys Like You, which had the crowd engaging and obsessed with his every move and lyric.

The energy in the room was quite unlike any other show, as it was exclusively open to his most die-hard fans, and they made full capacity at The Howler feel like a 5,000-large crowd.

60 played his biggest, best and most recent hits, also inviting PEZ on to the stage to perform a couple collaborative songs, before wrapping up the night with his latest single, Tiny Angel. With lights off, and a singular spotlight, 360 poured his heart out over the emotional beat, as fans wept and hugged in the crowd for what was quite easily one of the most heart-felt live performances I’d ever seen.

As the crowd demanded an encore, 60 came on to an old classic of his which lifted the energy one last time before finishing up in what was more not only a successful comeback for the popular emcee, but a seriously impressive one.

360 will be performing at Brisbane on the 9th and Sydney on the 20th of September to close out the VI tour in the lead up to his new album.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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