Australia’s Most Groundbreaking New Hip-Hop Acts

As Hip-Hop in Australia continues to grow and develop at a rapid rate, there are number of unique new artists who have burst onto the scene with their own diverse, groundbreaking sounds and styles.

None of these artists can merely be boxed into the one genre of Hip-Hop, as they each explore different moods, sounds and formula’s throughout their catalogues of music.

Here are six artists that we believe are paving fresh new roads within Australian music.


Baro is one artist that you can never fit into a box, and you shouldn’t. The young Melbourne rapper/producer/songwriter has developed with every project released since 2014, when he dropped the soulful, hip-hop heavy mixtape howgoodisgood? as a high-school student.

The breakout mixtape was then followed by his 2015 EP 17/18, which again showed a progressive, pioneering sound receiving millions of streams online and national tour support slots with some of the countries biggest artists.

However, the reason Baro makes this article is off the back of his latest EP, Just Problems You Need To Know. The eight-track project is largely produced by the young musician himself, melding a mass of diverse styles and influences, making for a complete and eccentric collection of songs that exceed all boundaries and expectations.

Imbi The Girl

Sydney’s own Imbi The Girl only has one release under her belt, but that’s all we needed to label her as one of the countries most diverse, dynamic and groundbreaking artists of 2017.

The singer-songwriter incorporates luscious melodies alongside some idiosyncratic, quick-fire flows that leave you memorising the tones and analysing the lyrics.

What’s next for Imbi The Girl? We’re not sure, but if it’s even half the beast that her debut single Acidic is, we can’t wait.


Alcoholic Family member and burn-city rapper Reiis brings along a certain intensity, energy and x-factor in his music that demands your attention immediately.

The young creative and his Alcoholic Family crew are making noticeable waves right now, as they rage on stages across the city as well as surrounding themselves with respected Melbourne names such as Kwasi, HFNR and Juñor.

With overwhelming potential, the loose-lipped, outcast rapper is making some idiosyncratic tunes that will soon be blasted across the country, and his single Wake Up Xannie Poo is the ideal representation of just how unique and special his sound is.

Carmouflage Rose

Grime, Trap and everything in-between. Carmouflage Rose has toyed with a plethora of styles and sounds over the course of his young career, making each sound distinctly his own as he discovers and conquers every corner of Hip-Hop.

As we eagerly wait on his debut LP ROSELEVEL, the Brisbane rapper has tied us over with his breakout single, Late Nights, which is unlike anything coming out of Australia right now.

The single oozes nocturnal, sensual vibes, as Rose delivers some hella-cool reverb saturated vocals, making for the perfect after-party anthem that you didn’t realise you needed.


Ahh tomtom, just when you think you know what the Brisbane musician is capable of, he hits you with something else, whether it be a single of his own, a tomtom produced banger or you see his name in the credits of your new favourite jam, for something.. anything.

tomtom is BNE’s own master-of-all-trades, as he often flaunts his slick rapping or hypnotic melodies on the mic, alongside his wide-ranging, sweeping production and the fact that he engineers some of Australia’s hottest new artists.

It’s for all of these reasons that tomtom is one of the countries most groundbreaking new artists. Whether its a feature, a production credit, or a single of his own (such as the super-infectious Bubble Up), the east-coast creative brings something unique to the table that connives to develop and evolve.

Juxta Thought

Punk-rap band Juxta Thought bring an anti-establishment flavour reminiscent of 90’s punk and old-school Hip-Hop, with all-the-more flavour and energy.

The Byron Bay-based collective fuse heavy punk instrumentation, grand hooks and intricate lyricism to creative a one-of-a-kind sound that we hear far too little of in Australia, however, Juxta Thought are blazing trails and changing that one anthem at a time.


Written by Jarrod van der Staay


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