Introducing The OTC Collaborative Playlist

Introducing the Off The Clef Collaborative Playlist on Spotify, a communal collection of songs that gets more music to more ears, allowing anyone and everyone the opportunity to deliver exciting new Australian music directly to our ears.

The OTC Collaborative Playlist is a Spotify playlist for YOU, the community, to add any great new Australian tracks that you would like to see featured on our public Dope New Hip-Hop playlist. These songs can be tracks of your own, songs by friends of yours or any new Hip-Hop (Australian) tracks that you’re loving right now.

The purpose of the collaborative playlist is to have the Hip-Hop community in Australia have a direct and meaningful input and impact towards what goes on our Dope New Hip-Hop playlist, and into the ears of Hip-Hop fans across the country.

Every single song that is added to the collaborative playlist will be listened to by the Off The Clef team and considered for the Dope New Hip-Hop playlist.

Another positive about the collaborative playlist, is that even if the song(s) you put on the playlist don’t get added to the official OTC playlist, they will still remain in the collaborative collection for anyone else to discover for months.

This community playlist can only be accessed by those with a link to it, so share it around and make an impact on who and what’s heard:

You can start adding new songs you’d like us (and others) to listen to on the Off The Clef Collaborative Playlist HERE, and you can find the official Dope New Hip-Hop: Australia playlist HERE.

*it’s appreciated if there is no more than 5 songs from any one artist on the playlist*


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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