Ivan Ooze Releases New Mixtape and Announces National Tour

Melbourne rapper Ivan Ooze has just released an impressive, boundary-pushing new project, The Social Alien 2: Memoirs From The Milkyway, as well as announcing an accompanying east-coast tour of Australia this October

Ivan Ooze recently dropped the free 19-track mixtape, packed with eclectic features from some of the countries most exciting and emerging talent, to a huge reception, and now, the young emcee will perform the best and biggest hits of his career in front of adoring crowds across the country.

We had a quick chat to Ooze on the new release and upcoming tour.

OTC: Congratulations on the release of The Social Alien 2, how long has this project been in the works? And how does it feel to finally have it out?

Thanks man, the project is basically a span of all the songs I’ve written but didn’t want to use for an EP. It’s probably been over about a year of writing and it feels awesome to have new shit out. I’m stoked!

You have a mass of incredible, eclectic Australian artists featured on the tape, from Midas.Gold to DEX, what was the process like working with some of these artists? 

Some tracks were a send off, send back type deal and then I worked with all the Melbourne based artists in the studio. I forgot how fun it is recording with other artists at the same time because it builds a unique vibe while you’re laying down your section. Drinking, smoking and banter is the best shit.

What made you decide to drop yet another FREE mixtape, as opposed to a debut album or EP?

Well I was working on my second EP and I wasn’t happy with it. I don’t like putting out shit I feel is above standard and it wasn’t so much the songs but the relevance of the lyrics at the time. I knew I had a heap of songs which I did like but weren’t EP worthy so I switched it up real quick. I made it for free mainly because I love when artist drop free shit and I’m nice like that.

Many artists seem to drop smaller projects these days, what made you want to drop such a lengthy and complete project?

When I was younger the underground artists I listened to used to drop mixtapes of everything they did. I’m talking any feature they did, old songs, new songs you name it and you’d end up with like 40 new tracks you’d never heard before. I like long releases because it gives you more to work with and the listeners have more track to get through and go back to.

What can fans expect from the Social Alien 2 tour?

All new everything. New stage show, new light show, new banter, new drunkness, new level, pretty much anything hype and add new before it. Tour is going to be fucking sick!




Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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