Why The Hip-Hop Scene In Perth Is Ready To Explode

The music that has come out of Perth within the last 12 months places the city towards the top of whats hot right now in Australia, and the movement there is on the verge of seriously blowing up. 

There’s long been a rich Hip-Hop culture in Perth, with emcee’s such as Drapht, Complete, Mr Grevis and Kogz (among others) carrying the city and it’s Hip-Hop scene on their back, and doing a hell of a job in doing so. However, in saying that, a deep roster of talent from the West has risen over the last few years, amounting to a huge 2017 for the entire new wave of artists.

There is a general movement sweeping the entire nation at the moment, with diverse and dynamic rappers coming from every single corner, although there are a few factors that are perhaps pushing Perth ahead of the pack at the moment.

Not only is there a mass of talent in the 6k right now, but that talent is releasing a mass of music.

Perth artists Figuero Jones (and Home Baked), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (and Tuffboys), Marksman Lloyd, Luchii and Sowdy have all released full-length projects in 2017, just to name a few, and within these projects and artists, there is a seriously diverse range of sounds and styles.

Those diverse styles also contribute to the pending explosion of the scene in the West, as the wide-array of artists never seem to overlap stylistically, they each seem to have their own niche sounds and personalities. Here are just some of the artists and collectives contributing to the movement in the West right now.


Gamirez is headed towards something great right now and its really not hard to see, after dropping two banging SoundCloud anthems at the beginning of the year, with Alright and Tuesday, the 6k product spent some time refining his sound before hitting us with the ultra-polished, afro-beat-inspired tune NaNA.

Home Baked

Home Baked is evolving into a powerhouse stable within Australia, and their roster has developed and flourished in 2017 more than ever before. Home to $kinny Dom (Luchii), Evanda, Sowdy, Black Napoleon, Kingg Lear and Figuero Jones, the collective has become a constant source of fire new music this year, including a 17-track Home Baked album, fittingly titled Six.

Within the Home Baked collective is Figuero Jones. With a knack for writing quotable bars and anthem-esque hooks, the Home Baked member is one of the spearheads of the scene over in the West right now, and his latest project Hustleman Sound is proof of that. Try not to tell everyone how f’n woke you are every time you listen to Rogue, I dare you.

Evanda is another Home Baked product who dropped a hell of an EP this year with In My Sight, released via WVS, which included the hilarious and popular track I Wanna Fuck Pauline Hanson, a song that is unlike anything else we’ve heard previously out of Perth.

Marksman Lloyd

Although having been around for a minute, Marksman Lloyd‘s 2017 was better than ever, with the release of his new project Portals. That project garnered the attention of the everyone with catchy, soulful hits such as Gene Simmons and NOMO, further expanding the sonic landscape of Perth, and Australia as a whole.

Tone Youth

The eclectic, four-piece collective that is Tone Youth, made up of T$oko, Jimmy Drones, Rob Delirious and Chu, became finalists for triple j’s Lorde remix competition this year and dropped an excellent debut single titled The Season.

On top of this, bar-heavy member T$oko has been spun regularly on national radio with his abundance of impressive new singles.

The artists mentioned in this article really is just scratching the surface of the rapidly rising Hip-Hop landscape in Perth, with other budding emcee’s such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi (of tuffboys) and Chopper Chol also making huge waves.

What may be most impressive about the cities scene right now, however, is the togetherness and unity of the artists rising up the ranks together, regardless of crews or styles, reminiscent of what Brisbane have really nailed down across the last few years.

Check out the music coming out of the 6k right now, don’t sleep.


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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