Interview: Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell on new single, upcoming projects and more

Gold Coast rapper/producer duo Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell have just dropped a sharp new single, The Dash, presenting an exciting new sound in the process.

The track has a unique Chinese sample, and is co-produced by The Griswolds‘ guitarist, Daniel Duque-Perez, pushing the Gold Coast duo’s sound in an exciting, eclectic new direction.

Alongside the boundary-pushing sound of the new record, the accompanying music video, directed by Nils Nilsson, is equally as creative – and hilarious.

We talked to Lane Harry about The Dash, working with Daniel Duque-Perez and more.


OTC: The Dash has a distinctly different sound compared to some of your more recent releases, what inspired the direction that this song went in?

Lane Harry: Danny Duke, Ike Campbell, J Motor & I were at J’s house in the Central Coast, NSW for a week, like six months ago. We were just jamming on a bunch of stuff. We made a few crazy songs in that session. Dan picked us up in the airport in Sydney and we were driving up together and he played us this insane old Chinese song and we were all like “we gotta sample that.” I think it was the second song we made in that week session. It all came together in a 24-hour period. It was really fun working on new sounds.

You worked with Daniel Duque-Perez of The Griswolds on this track, how did that come to life and what was that experience like?

I was on the hunt for a manager. The Lane x Ike brand is handled by myself and Guy Cooper when it comes to management. I wanted Guy to be able to just focus on engineering and me to just focus on making music so I looked at Australian acts who I love and reached out to their managers to see if they had space on their roster. I love The Griswolds, I love Deep Sea Arcade and noticed that they were managed by this guy Andrew. So I emailed him our music and everything we’ve done and he said he didn’t have time to manage us but he can help us out because he did really like our stuff. He got me in touch with Dan from The Griswolds and we’ve been linked up ever since. Dan is an absolute legend, like one of the most genuine dudes I’ve met in music.

The single is very much narrative-driven, can we expect more of that style from you in the future?

I call this new direction Tarantino-Rap. The new album Casablanca is all narratives. The next single is called Secondhand Soap and is about a homeless man proposing to his girlfriend who has billionaire parents. It’s cute as hell. Everyone is gonna freak out when they hear it.

The music video also tells a vivid story, you seem to value the music video as much as the music itself. Why do you feel that accompanying visuals are important?

I love film. I think visuals enhance everything. When I’m writing a song I’m penning the music video at the same time. Everything is a whole package, its not just an MP3. The artwork, the visuals but most importantly the song all are storyboarded. Everything has meaning, if you are a fan of us then we want to give you as much out of a song as we can.

The Dash is off an upcoming project, can you tell us a little about what’s planned over the next 12 months for you guys?

The next album is going to be called CASABLANCA. Next year I’m going to release a solo project as well as an EP with Scott Dalton. So the next 12 months you’ll hear 3 distinctively different sounding records from the team.

Who are some other artists in Australia that you’re enjoying at the moment that you think people should check out?

Gordi! She released one of the best records of 2017, she’s criminally underrated. Nai Palm just released a new project, like acoustic versions of Hiatus songs as well as some new solo stuff. I love her, she’s a national treasure. Husky just released their Bedroom Recordings EP and theres a cover of Let It Happen by Tame Impala that changed my life. Jai Waetford is going to absolutely smash 2018 though, the guy is stupid talented. Danny is working real close with him and the stuff thats cooking up is going to change the game. Shoutout Tommy Sheehan too, I’m going to Pottsville to write some indie songs in a minute. Man, there is too much great music coming out of Australia right now. I’m very lucky to be a part of it all.





Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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