Predicting 2018’s New Hip-Hop Megastars

In 2017 we saw the meteoric rise of rappers such as Lil Pump and XXXTENTACION (among others), so we thought we’d try predict who will experience a similar rise to the top in 2018.

Ski Mask The Slump God

Already an established rapper, Ski Mask The Slump God is an eccentric artist out of Florida who has already collaborated with the likes of XXXTENTACION, MadeinTYO and Keith Ape.

Ski Mask has a diverse, enigmatic delivery that has the 21-year-old sounding unlike anyone else right now, which is a feat in itself in todays Hip-Hop scene.

A likely pick for XXL’s 2018 Freshman Class, all signs point to Ski Mask The Slump God blowing up on an even greater level over the next 12-months, becoming one of Hip-Hops most formidable and recognisable names.

Manu Crook$ 

Manu Crook$ is carrying the baton for Australia right now as he charters into exciting new waters that no other Hip-Hop acts in Australia have to date.

The Sydney-sider is undeniably the hottest rapper in Australia right now, coming off the back of a string of singles that landed the Ghana-born emcee on Beats1 radio, before dropping a stunning 6-track EP this year, titled Mood Forever.

Manu Crook$ has gradually built up an incredible catalog of hits, and in 2018, we expect the mainstream to completely catch on to the wave he has created.


Towkio has been making noise for a minute now, via multiple Chance The Rapper collaborations (including appearing on Coloring Book‘s Juke Jam) as well as dropping highly-impressive mixtapes and EPs of his own since 2012.

Now, however, the Chicago-native is poised to hit the heights that fellow SAVEMONEY  crew members Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa have reached off the back of his 2017 single Hot Shit, and his upcoming 2018 album.

Hot Shit is undoubtedly one of the years best summer anthems as Towkio brings an infectious, magnetic charisma on the track that matches the bubbly, energetic electronic production. Towkio is next up, and as good as it is, Hot Shit is only just a snippet of what’s to come, we’re sure.

Arizona Zervas 

Maryland-born, LA-based artist Arizona Zervas has built himself a tight-knit cult following over the years, and across 2016-17 that fan-base grew immensely, partly due to the sheer volume of music released (nearly 40 singles), and largely due to the sheer quality of the singles that were dropping.

Arizona melds his smooth, auto-tune assisted vocals with a charisma that, simply put, is addictive. Every release is diverse and different, yet also distinctly-Arizona.

In 2018 the music won’t stop and the numbers will only grow to astronomical levels.


Caleborate brings a flavour that’s a little-bit J. Cole and a little-bit A Tribe Called Quest, yet entirely himself.

The Sacramento emcee is one of the worlds most underrated lyricists right now, which is only backed-up by his last 3 projects inside the last 3 years, including his 2017 album Real Person, which was stacked with soulful, personal anthems.

Caleborate will be considered as an elite emcee alongside the J. Coles and Isaiah Rashads by this time next year. There is no doubt.

Reo Cragun

Although a relatively new artist, Reo Cragun has already made an immense impact in the short time he’s been around.

His breakout hit Inconsiderate garnered a mass of attention, however it is Reo’s single On My Way, taken off his debut album Growing Pains, which positions the young, hungry songwriter as one of the most promising artists in the world.

Cragan’s music is partly sung and partly rapped, with a raw, emotional undertone that pierces through everything else, telling a story that goes far beyond the lyrics presented.

Adam Nystrom

Perhaps the most raw and ‘unproven’ of the bunch is Seattle’s own Adam Nystrom, although that doesn’t stop us from believing that the Swedish-bred emcee won’t absolutely explode in 2018.

If Nystrom can build on the success and sound that came with his biggest hit to date Margarita, then we can see him dropping a single that soon enough tops the charts.

There’s a sense of confidence and assuredness that comes with Nystrom’s music, an aura that is common throughout the worlds best musicians. Keep an eye out for the Seattle product in 2018, and come back to this article in 12-months to tell us that we called his meteoric rise.

You can find all of these songs on our Spotify playlists HERE


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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