Jay Prince’s ‘Late Summers’ Is One Of 2017s Finest Releases

East London rapper Jay Prince is one of the most criminally underrated artists in the game right now, and his latest project, Late Summers, is further proof of that.

While Prince has been releasing music since 2012, and to great a reception, the fact that he is yet to receive the same level of acclaim and shine as equally talented artists such as Joey Bada$$ or Isaiah Rashad is hard to believe.

In 2017, the UK-based emcee dropped an eclectic, eccentric new mixtape titled Late Summers, a punchy 33-minute project that seamlessly fused soul, jazz, gospel and Hip-Hop without missing a beat.

While each track on the tape brings something unique and unmatched to one another, they are all tied together by a sweet, sunny vibe that has become synonymous with Jay Prince over the last few years. Although, that sound is as refined as ever this time around, with clean, crisp production that refuses to incorporate any unnecessary elements blending beautifully into Prince’s slick and succinct vocals.

The project is a climactic one, with the ultimate payoff coming in the form of the final two songs, I Believe In You and Peace of Mind.

I Believe In You is one of the years greatest songs, as Prince poetically pours out his inner feelings and thoughts over the soulful, minimal production, all-but completing the picture that the London emcee had painted throughout the previous nine tracks.

This is before finishing the mixtape in a very Jay Prince way, with the positive, upbeat and uplifting Peace of Mind.

Late Summers was one of 2017s most impressive projects, and while receiving a mass of attention and praise, there’s no doubt that it deserves much, much more for the amazing body of work that it is.

Now, we look forward to what Jay Prince has to offer in 2018.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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