Dave Proves His Worth On 2017 EP ‘Game Over’

At just 19-years-of-age, South London emcee Dave has cemented his place in Hip-Hop following his introspective, story-driven 2017 EP Game Over.

Although the British emcee has previously impressed with a mass of eclectic singles, including his 2016 EP Six Paths, as well as having Hip-Hop giant Drake hop on his remix of Wanna Know, it’s Dave’s latest project that truly marks his high place in today’s Hip-Hop landscape.

In November of 2017, the 19-year old’s name was still buzzing off of the Drake co-sign as well as the drop of two hugely successful bangers in 100M’s and Tequila, and then he dropped a brand new EP Game Over.

The EP didn’t include the formerly mentioned singles, although it did mix grime, boom bap and some straight piano ballads with world-class lyricism, as Dave rapped his way through the entire project without missing a beat.

While Dave delivers what we originally expected, with some quality, gritty grime bangers with football references sprinkled throughout (in Game Over and Attitude), as well as a couple of smooth R&B influenced anthems such as Calling Me Out and No Words, it’s what lies in between these tracks that really impressed.

Three tracks on the tidy seven-track EP go for a total run time of over seven minutes, and it’s these lengthy ballads that make the project the masterpiece that it is.

Putting together a concise story, or rant (with Question Time), over sparse, minimalistic production is proven to be Dave’s greatest strength, even when up against the sweet, catchy hooks that he delivers time and time again.

Question Time is a politically driven stream of consciousness that seems to be one of the only political monologues that actually made sense in 2017, and it was by a 19-year-old rapper from Streatham.

Then fast-forward to the fifth song on the EP, where Dave sheds any form of barrier from his audience, opening up old wounds with the raw, honest and self-aware rap that is How I Met My Ex. A beautifully poetic, seven-minute verse that tells a brutally bare story, from start to finish.

Closing out the project is My 19th Birthday, and with a run time of nearly nine minutes, I can tell you now that you will be engrossed for every second of that, in what is a perfect finish to an unbelievably mature and magnificent EP.

Game Over is one of the finest projects of 2017 from one of the UK’s finest lyricists. Dave is a young, yet wise, soul that has something to say for the youth, from the youth, but more importantly, from his own honest perspective.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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