Get To Know: ‘Infest The Night 2’ Line-Up

Infest The Night 2 will be taking over Brisbane this weekend, as a mass of wonderful, eclectic Hip-Hop talent from Melbourne to BNE perform live at The Wooly Mammoth.

This Saturday, the 3rd of February, headliner Travy P will be joined by burn city emcee’s Sophiegrophy and Dos Boy, as well as local favourites Wolf Henson and Aywin. Also providing tunes throughout the night will be Kraznov and Dameeeela on the decks.

We’ve dropped some of the best music that you’ll hear from the live acts on Saturday below, so scroll down, press play, and prepare for what will be a monumental night of live and local Hip-Hop.


Travy P had a colossal 2017 off the back of huge collaborations with 360 and Manu Crooks, as well as dropping an EP that proved why Travy is one of the most promising artists in the country.

The Brisbane native’s high-octane banger Real Estate will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the night.


Melbourne-based rapper Sophiegrophy is in fine form off the back of her biggest hit to date, Fa$t Life, an energetic pop-rap hit that as catchy as it is impressive.

Fa$t Life will be a track not to miss live at Infest The Night 2, as the rising new WVS signee prepares to makes her presence felt in Brisbane.


The second Melbourne-based act on the line-up is Dos Boy, who is more-than-ready to take his wild, vibrant live show across to the east-coast for one night only.

Dossy released anthem after anthem in 2017, although the hardest, most uninhabited of them all came early this year, with Credit Card, which will certainly shake The Wooly Mammoth this Saturday.


Aywin is refreshing, fierce and respected across BNE, and her take-no-prisoner raps will bring the crowd in, and keep them there.

Expect her booming 2017 single Bitcchh Boy to rattle the stage.


After spending the majority of last year plotting, working and preparing, Wolf Henson at last rewarded us for our patience with a brand new single, and sound.

That sound comes in the form of a lo-fi, pop-rap anthem, SHINE. SHINE is the best work to date from the BNE creative, and to see it being performed live for the first time will be an experience not to miss.

While the stage will be lively all night long with adored live acts and DJs, there will also be an opportunity to pick up some quality home-grown apparel from badass brands, Plane Street, Exit Route and Hentai.




Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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