10 Australian Hip-Hop Releases To Look Forward To In 2018

The Hip-Hop scene in Australia is the strongest it’s ever been, and following a monumental year, we’ve listed some of our most anticipated projects that we expect to drop in 2018.

Seth Sentry

There was a three year gap between Seth Sentry’s 2012 breakout album This Was Tomorrow and his 2015 LP, Strange New Past, which has us speculating on a brand new Seth album in 2018.

The Melbourne emcee delivers with every release, whether it’s on the playful, tongue-in-cheek vibes of Play It Safe, the more reflective cuts like Run, or the masterful storytelling of anthems such as My Scene or Where Was You?.

As one of the countries most experienced and respected wordsmiths, Sentry’s next project is undoubtedly one of his most anticipated.


Australian Hip-Hop royalty Bliss N Eso dropped an immensely successful album in 2017 with Off The Grid, and while we don’t expect an immediate follow up to the project, you can expect to see a lot more of one of the groups members, Esoterik.

Esoterik (formerly known as Eso) returned to the solo ring in 2017 with his comeback single Be Like You, and the vibrant, positive anthem was more than enough to amp us up for a solo project from Esoterik in 2018.

Baker Boy

Baker Boy was one of the fastest rising stars last year, regardless of genre, and we don’t expect the Arnhem Land product to slow down over these next 12 months.

The ingenious, indigenous rapper has dropped just two singles in his short career, with both reaching unbelievable heights, each placing in triple j’s Hottest 100 earlier this year.

Off the back of the success of the two exciting, energetic hits, we can only pray that Baker Boy comes through with a full-length project for us in 2018, solidifying his place as one of the hottest artists in Australia.

Carmouflage Rose

Speaking of rising stars, Brisbane artist Carmouflage Rose came through with a legitimate smash hit last year, with the beautiful, bouncy fusion of styles that was Late Nights.

Having teased his Roselevel project for what feels like years now, we feel as if we may just be on the cusp of a collection of brand new Carmouflage anthems to jam in all of our playlists.

Whatever the BNE rapper brings in 2018, you better believe it’s going to be something special, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.


The trajectory of DEX’s career thus far points to one thing and one thing only – and that’s him being a future star.

Well, the future is just about here following the release of DEX’s ultra-popular 2017 single 4AM, featuring Allday, which propelled the young burn city emcee to towering heights.

Now, with a couple of successful singles under his belt, expect a beautifully crafted project this year from the 19-year-old, with producer-pals Dom Cork and Sunday close by his side.

Arno Faraji

Arno Faraji’s last 9-months have been a whirlwind, winning triple j’s unearthed high competition as a 17-year-old, before touring the country with some of Australia’s finest.

Despite the tremendous success that Faraji saw in ’17, he (much like Baker Boy) has only really dropped a handful of singles since coming into the limelight.

This has us wondering, what new (and mighty) successes can the young rapper/producer see with a full-length project (hopefully) dropping in 2018. It’s Faraji season.

Imbi The Girl

Imbi The Girl seemingly came out of no where in recent times with two tracks that seriously blew us away, in V.I.P. and Acidic (which came in at #24 on our Top 50 Songs of 2017).

This year will be a good year if we are gifted to more music from Imbi, and ideally, even a debut project from the ultra-talented Sydney songwriter.

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell are a rapper/producer duo out of the Gold Coast who elevated their game to another level last year, particularly off the back of the groovy, fusion of styles that was The Dash.

Now, with a brand new album on the horizon, Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell are ready to build on that sound with a collection of slick and soulful new tunes.


I.e. is an artist shrouded in mystery, although through that mystery, one thing is clear, and that’s the fact that I.e. is a one-in-a-million songwriter.

If his latest single, Separated, is anything to go by, then expect 2018 to be I.e.’s most productive and promising year to date. The release of a new project has the very real potential to position I.e. as one of Australia’s biggest, brightest and best new artists.

Kwasi x HFNR

Kwasi x HFNR are yet another rapper/producer duo that not only have an obvious and ominous chemistry, but a knack for making great and grand anthems.

From their trademark thrash vibes, to a moodier, late-night tone (evident on their latest WVS release Downtown), Kwasi and HFNR can hit all corners with their music, which has us looking forward to a mixtape in the first-half of 2018. Oh, also, they put on what is perhaps the best live urban show in Melbourne.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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