Who’s Next: Jeswon’s Artists To Watch In 2018

We asked a number of accomplished and established Hip-Hop artists in Australia what young rappers they think will make an impact in 2018 for our ‘Who’s Next’ series, today, we have Thundamentals rapper Jeswon, off the back of a top 10 finish in this years triple j Hottest 100.


Jeswon’s artists to watch in 2018: Adrian Eagle, Jannah Beth

Jeswon: “I’m not sure if the two artists I have chosen can be classified as ‘rappers’ per sé, I’m hesitant to even pigeon hole them into a genre, but I do know that they are incredibly talented and they are two young artists that I think will have meaningful, long-lasting careers.”

“The first is Adrian Eagle. He released one of my favourite local tunes from last year in ’17 Again,’ an honest, heartfelt glimpse into the life of someone who has obviously faced adversity and come out the other side as a stronger and more positive person. His voice is unique and authentic and I really look forward to seeing what he does this year.”

Jeswon: “My second artist is a young friend of Thundas named Jannah Beth. Jannah has a wicked voice, confidence and sense of style. I first heard of her via her break out tune ‘Cut Sick’ and I remember thinking that she sounded so assured and effortless – rare attributes in someone so young.

She has actually been working on a project with Thunda’s very own DJ Morgs so hopefully that will see the light of day in 2018.”


Check back with Off The Clef tomorrow to see Fortay‘s picks for 2018!


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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