Who’s Next: Hau’s Artists To Watch In 2018

We asked a number of accomplished and established Hip-Hop artists in Australia what young rappers they think will make an impact in 2018 for our ‘Who’s Next’ series, today, OG Australian emcee and triple J Hip-Hop Show host Hau gives us his picks.


Hau’s artists to watch in 2018: Ikenna, Agung Mango, The Husssh, Tazzy, Elijah Yo, Krown

Hau: “Our nation’s capital has been nurturing some real talent over the last few years. New generationals (I just made that word up) such as Turquoise Prince and Genesis Owusu have been gradually establishing themselves as the ones to carry the torch forward for the local scene. Add to that list – Ikenna. A tall, handsome boxer who could not only punch your lights out physically, but also lyrically. Whether solo or with his squad, WEIRDOGVNG, he surely has next out of the city of round-a-bouts.”

Hau: “Drawing inspiration from both his Indonesian and Italian roots, Agung Mango is a young Melbourne artist that has a strong grasp on how to successfully combine culture, style and art. His production choices vary from an uptempo GoldLink vibe to a head-nodding, traditional sound, all the while flowing over them effortlessly. Like his name suggests, sit back and watch the man-go.”

Hau:The Husssh is a collective of producers who have worked with Turquoise Prince (Worlds Apart) and B Wise (Feel Something), and also hail from the city of Canberra. Quite mysterious with the persona, but who cares as long as the product is dope, right? I’ve heard their latest beat tape and it’s nuts. Whichever artists gets their hands on these, it’ll sure to be making turbulent waves in 2018.”

Hau: “The homie Midas.Gold put me onto this amazingly talented singer from Sydney, Tazzy. Big up, Midas. You may have heard her feature on songs by Tyrone and Siyoni (Chiefs) and I’m sure you will hear plenty more in the future. But yes, awesome voice, saucy in approach and strong in delivery. Mark my words, Tazzy will be part of the R&B resurgence in this country.”


Hau: “Originally from Auckland, now living in Blacktown, Sydney, Elijah Yo is a 20 year old Maori/Tongan who caught my interest with his passion, his delivery and his ear for beats. Peep the videos for ‘Mojo’ and ‘Pharmacy’ to get a taste of what I’m talking about. It’s scary to think he is still so young and his best days are way ahead of him.”

Hau: “Although he is very green, the potential is very present. Krown has an effortless flow and a love for ’90s New York hip hop. Representing the city of Melbourne and under the watchful eye of the very experienced Khaled and his label, Alt Music Group, he will definitely be one to watch in the years to come.”


Check back with Off The Clef tomorrow to see Purpose‘s picks for 2018!


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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