Who’s Next: Purpose’s Artists To Watch In 2018

We asked a number of accomplished and established Hip-Hop artists in Australia what young rappers they think will make an impact in 2018 for our ‘Who’s Next’ series, today, Golden Era Records rapper Purpose gives us his picks.


Purpose’s artists to watch in 2018: Manu Crooks, Hamley, Playback 808, CLAZ

Purpose:Manu Crooks has dropped a really dope collection of songs over the past couple years that I crank regularly, and is currently on tour smashing it in Europe. His music has a really worldwide sound that I think could see him break everywhere.”

Purpose:Hamley is a producer currently based out of Melbourne. Every 2-3 years Melbourne has a producer that comes through and works hard enough to end up having beats on everyone’s albums (think M-Phazes, Cam Bluff) and for key songs, I think Hamley will be that for this generation of MCs from Australia.”

Purpose:Playback 808 is a collective from Adelaide that produce a mix of hip-hop, rhythm & blues, and neo-soul music from the Northside of the city. Really great tunes and interesting lyrics set to music you can crank loud. Definitely keep an eye on them.”

Purpose:CLAZ is an MC from Adelaide who has been putting in work, dropping a lot of music and gathering momentum over the past few years both in SA and interstate. He sounds more comfortable everytime you hear him and is carving out a great niche for himself to stake his claim moving forward.”


Check back with Off The Clef tomorrow to see Esoterik‘s (Bliss N Eso) picks for 2018!


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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