Who’s Next: Esoterik’s Artists To Watch In 2018

We asked a number of accomplished and established Hip-Hop artists in Australia what young rappers they think will make an impact in 2018 for our ‘Who’s Next’ series, today, Bliss N Eso‘s own Esoterik (aka Eso) gives us his picks.


Esoterik’s artists to watch in 2018: Dex, Eleji, Dylan Joel, Johniepee

Esoterik: “My picks are all super talented and extremely nice dudes.”

Dex is a Melbourne-based emcee that has huge potential in my eyes, it’s really rare to have males share their feelings on tracks and open up to a more sensitive side of themselves, which I think Dex certainly brings to the table. I’ve had the pleasure of performing with Dex and he can light up the stage once he grabs that mic, definitely one to look out for!”

Esoterik:Eleji is also a Melbourne-based emcee with raw talent, original flows and he’s an overall dope dude. He currently has a track out called ‘Paranoid’ which I was honoured to do a little intro on. There’s a real level of honestly that constantly flows through this brothers lyrics. I suggest you check it out to peep some real ISH.”

Esoterik: “My man Dylan Joel is a triple threat indeed, this kid works extra hard and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. First moment I met him I knew we were indigo brothers, haha. Dylan can sing like an angel and rap like a G, I’ve known him for a while now and all I see are big things in the future for the brother, check out his music for the whole package.”

Esoterik: “Dedication, dedication, dedication… This man is a machine, if you want real lyricism, dope metaphors and mad flows then check out Johniepee. I’m lucky and happy to be able to call Johniepee a mate of mine. He has traveled on the road with Bliss N Eso before and I could see first hand that he is an emcee that makes his own waves. Don’t sleep on Johniepee and go check him out right now!”



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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