Interview: Australia’s Rising Rap Stars Mitchos Da Menace and Jugada

Australia’s street scene has been one of the fastest growing corners of Hip-Hop in this country in recent times, and behind that growth (and the OGs such as Fortay and Kerser), lays rapidly rising emcee’s such as Mitchos Da Menace and Juguda.

We had a chat to two of the scenes brightest new stars on their journey so far, and what’s to come.

Off The Clef: You’ve built up a loyal fan base and buzz around your names, how do you think you’ve achieved this so organically? 

Mitchos Da Menace: Yo I’ve been putting work in homie aye, I’ve been smashing for a bit now and been consistent with the flow and tracks. The fans have seen my progression above others and people know what’s up with my music, I’m glad they help keep that buzz too.

JugadaDefinitely gotta thank my TR family, they opened up a world of opportunity. But I love my fans and I make sure that I take time out of my week to reply to messages, it makes a big difference, that’s why they’re loyal.

OTC: What separates you and your music to some of the other artists and styles in Australia?

Mitchos: Bro, I’m different from these rappers, I don’t rap the same old track and flows like most do, they choose one sound and run with it. I’m versatile, I smash grime, I smash rap, I smash trap. Throw me a dope beat and I’ll flow to it.

Jugada: I’m just telling it how it is, I don’t hold anything back so they either hate it or love it. Plus I just stick to myself and the crew, and we keep it real. We stick fat, we’re not just a rap crew, we’re brothers, we’re a family, so I think a lot of people respect us for that because half these crews fight amongst themselves and have no loyalty, that’s what separates us from the rest. MBL.

OTC: Is there a sense of community between you and the other rappers within the ‘street scene’?

Mitchos: There is man but it’s more than just “gutter rap,” it’s street, it’s real, it’s whatever you call it and class it, not what the outside scene labels it. I’m grime, I’m street, I’m real, I’m menace. But yeah, there’s a few that have helped the scene to get it where it is and we link up and I guess we’re taking it to levels together.

I built this up from the ground up I grew up knowing the big bro Fortay, but I used my talent and drive to get where I am, no one did that for me, you gotta stand out I feel, and brother, I do that for sure.

Jugada: Not really, I mean I stay humble and if an artist shows love I show love back, but other than that we’re all doing our own thing.

OTC: Do you guys take notice of the other sub-genres currently making waves in the country right now?

Mitchos: Shit goes hard, everyone brings something to the culture even genres I ain’t really vibe on heavy, but I see what they’re doing and it’s opening doors for difference which you can’t hate on. You got lyrical rappers, you got real rappers, you got your ‘Americanised’ kinda flow type, everyone still puts work in. Some get noticed more then others though.

Jugada: I like real grime music from the UK, so other lads putting on accents and this ‘n that I can’t deal with, no offence to ’em or nothing, but nah, not for me sorry. Same with the ‘Americanised’ music, not my cup of tea but shout out Manu Crooks, he’s got fire.

OTC: Who are your favourite rappers in Australia right now?

Mitchos: Honestly, Alex Jones and Huskii I rate heavy, the way they put words together and their delivery is next level.

Jugada: Probably Huskii. All the boys in our crew Nter, Merks, Luxury, Sesk and Spinner who you’re yet to hear from too. Nter is the best in Australia hands down, wait till that album drops, it’s the best this country has ever heard. Traprunners No1s got bangers like us too.

OTC: Alongside yourselves, who are some of the other members of the scene that help push it forward?

Mitchos: Oi there’s so many aye. Ones who have pushed it forward for real are the OG’s like Fortay, who pushed West Sydney for years, no one rep’d the town before him. Fraksha has pushed the grime scene hard these last few years to where it has expanded the scene, as well as Kerser to where he’s taken it, and guys like Nter to Tornts, now it’s open for a lot now this new wave help keep it alive, and we will.

Jugada: I’ve got to give a shoutout to Tornts, he’s shown me love for years and always gives me feedback on what’s good and what to improve on. And my brothers Nter and Merks, they gave me the confidence to start smashing it and still push me now. Plus gotta thank Murdamase, BodyBagMedia, OneLoveCreations, and BigCuzzo at NorthEndProductions.

OTC: What can we expect to come next from you and your music?

Mitchos: I’m just doing what I do and seeing where it takes me. I’ll always spit to a beat so I’ll always be dropping promos to albums for sure, as well as taking on what ever I get thrown my way.

Menace only just getting started, cheers brother. MGR

Jugada: Definitely going to see a projct from me soon including a Traprunner album in the near future.

I just want to thank my fans for all of their support, I wouldn’t be we’re I’m at today without them. Want to thank my Mrs. Brhee for her support. Free Merks. MBL, TRAPRUNNERS. Thanks Off The Clef for the opportunity


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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