Spenda C on New Single, Hip-Hop In Australia and Upcoming Album

Brisbane-based producer Spenda C has recently gifted us with his tropical, climactic new single Shot Them Down, featuring Sydney rapper Big Skeez, the new single also comes with the confirmation of his upcoming debut album The Bone Collector set for release in the first half of 2018.

We had a quick chat to the Brisbane product on Shot Them Down, Hip-Hop in Australia and who we can expect to hear on his forthcoming album, The Bone Collector.

Off The Clef: How did ‘Shot Them Down’ come to life between yourself and Big Skeez?

Spenda C: Big Skeez was one of the first vocalists I reached out to when I started The Bone Collector project. I sent him the demo of Shot Them Down and he vibed on it straight away. Skeez has a great ear for melodies and the way he uses his voice is really unique, so I’m super stoked to have him on this release!

OTC: It’s rare to find an electronic/bass producer that works together with so many rappers, whats your thought process behind melding such diverse genres?

Spenda: The concept behind The Bone Collector project was to approach it like a rapper would approach making a mixtape, but from a producers perspective. So where a rapper would find a bunch of beats to rap over, I wanted to collect a bunch of vocals and build the tracks around them.

OTC: Can you discuss any of the other Hip-Hop collaborations you have on your upcoming album, ‘The Bone Collector’?

Spenda: Sure! Carmouflage Rose, Midas.Gold, Miss Blanks, Tides, Cult Shotta, Geek., Jesswar, Rob Delirious, Kate Fox, Dominic Rahmeel and of course Big Skeez are all on the album.

OTC: You’re a huge advocate for the Hip-Hop scene in Australia, where do you think the scene is headed and who do you think will be at the forefront of its future?

Spenda: I think the scene is still trying to find its own sound at the moment, which is super exciting to watch.

The artists who are really pushing it forward for me are Carmouflage Rose, Cult Shøtta and Midas.Gold, but there are so many great artists making dope shit right now!

Spenda C’s debut album The Bone Collector is coming sooner than you think..


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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