PREMIERE: Peezo – Spooky (ft. Dos Boy)

Spooky is the dark, dreary trap anthem taken from Peezo’s upcoming album Cheap Thrills, featuring common collaborators and best mates, Dos Boy and Agnus.

Spooky is filled with some trademark, heaps chilled Peezo flows, which are complimented by the icy, slapping production of Agnus and powerful guest verse by way of partner-in-crime Dos Boy.

Truthfully, however, there’s really no words that can do justice to the impact that Peezo has had, and will continue to have on us all.


If you would like to donate to Peezo’s family, you can do so HERE. All funds raised will help cover the costs of the autopsy, cremation and transportation of Peezo from Thailand.


Peezo’s music, and legacy, will live on forever.

Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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