Take the ultimate nostalgia trip as ‘Perfect Couple’ releases on streaming platforms

If you listened to Hip-Hop coming from Australia’s shores during the formative years of last decade, then not only did you know who Fozzey & VanC were, but you certainly knew of the impact that their single ‘Perfect Couple‘ had.

Amassing over 5 millions YouTube views since it’s release in 2012, ‘Perfect Couple’ was the heartfelt suicide story that touched millions across the world, garnering the duo a passionate and loyal fan base.

Since the success of the touching tribute, Fozzey and VanC have each been focusing on their solo ventures, with Fozzey recently releasing a project ‘Australien‘, and Mikey (FKA VanC) gearing up to release a brand new EP on Friday, titled ‘Fuck You, I Love You’.

‘Perfect Couple’ come at the ideal time, presenting the ultimate nostalgia trip to many whilst in isolation.